JUST IN: Joe Biden Says He’s ‘Confident’ This Candidate Will Be Our Next President, Upsetting Many Dems


As the Democratic primary calendar draws ever closer to the end–the last primaries, including the big prize of California, will be held on June 7–it’s clear that the race is much closer than anyone ever expected. What remains to be seen is whether or not Hillary Clinton, who leads in both pledged delegates and superdelegates, can manage to secure enough delegates for a clear-cut victory, or if Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders can pull off what he has repeatedly predicted will be “the greatest upset in political history.” For the answer to that question, check back in about a month.

A year ago, it was expected that Vice President Joe Biden would also be one of the contenders for the Democratic nomination, but in October of 2015, Biden stepped up to a podium in the White House Rose Garden with President Obama on one side of him, and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden on the other, and he made this announcement:

At that point, many said the race was Clinton’s to lose, but that was before Sanders began his strong charge and showed his own popularity by drawing enormous crowds to his campaign rallies. But some Democrats still wonder how the race would have played out had Biden chosen to throw his hat into the ring.

Many have been trying recently to gauge how Biden stands on the two candidates. In April, Biden appeared to tip his hand, saying of Sanders:

‘I like the idea of saying, “We can do much more,” because we can.’

Those who read such political tea leaves began to wonder: Did that mean Biden was rooting for Sanders and might even endorse him?

Today, the Vice President put all of the speculation to rest when he told ABC’s “Good Morning America” in an interview that will air Wednesday:

‘I feel confident that Hillary will be the nominee and I feel confident that she’ll be the next president.’

Granted, Biden’s home state, Delaware, has already held its primary, so he won’t sway any votes there. But could his statement be intended to give Clinton the edge in the crucial final month of the primaries?

One thing seems certain: Whoever the Democratic nominee is, he or she will have two dynamic campaigners on the trail in President Obama and Vice President Biden, and that could be big in some of the important swing states.

For now, here’s the Vice President on GMA:

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