Mississippi Mother Threatens High School Students With Gun At School


Last week a Jackson, Mississippi mother was arrested for pulling out a gun at a local schoolyard when a physical altercation between high school students began to take a turn for the worst.

Shawana Smith, 38, is a parent of a student who attends Forest Hill High School. Smith’s child was involved in a fight, which she attempted to mediate by pulling out a handgun.

Smith was caught on video at Forest Hill High School, pointing a gun at students involved in the fight.

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Image is a screengrab via MSNewsNow.

Jackson Public School Campus Enforcement had active warrants out for her arrest, according to reports from Mississippi News Now.

Hinds County Constable Jerry Moore gave the following statement to the news station:

‘Any type of weapon that is found on school property should be carried by a person that is authorized to use or carry that weapon. I think there’s a little bit more to this case then what’s going on, but you know all of that’s going to be played out in court.’

According to reports, no one was injured in the event. Smith has since turned herself in to the Hinds County Constable’s office after the video surfaced. She is currently being held at the Raymond Detention Center on a $10,000 bond.

Dr. Cedrick Gray is the Superintendent of Jackson Public School who made a point of meeting with parents of students who attend Forest Hill High School.

Smith faces charges for possession of a firearm on school property, as well as several misdemeanor charges. Several parents voiced their concerns during the meeting with Gray, with one mother claiming that these types of fights are dangerous, saying one even caused her house to be shot into during a drive by shooting last Wednesday.

Jackson Public School Campus Enforcement is still investigating the case for now.

Several reporters asked Smith for a comment regarding why she chose pulling out a gun as a means for conflict resolution; Smith had no comment regarding her behavior.

You can watch the full news report below, via YouTube:

Feature Image is a screengrab via Mississippi News Now.