WATCH: Arizona Gun Nut Arrested After Opening Fire On Shoplifters (VIDEO)


An Arizona man has been arrested after he opened fire on fleeing shoplifters back in March. He is being charged with “aggravated assault, drive-by shooting and unlawful discharge of a firearm.” He pursued the shoplifters in his vehicle after witnessing their crime. He sped up next to them, and fired at their vehicle through his car window. He, apparently, wasn’t trying to kill the criminals. He was “just” trying to disable the vehicle.

Initially, he was not apprehended because the man, John Haag, claimed he “wanted to be a hero.” He later admitted that his reckless usage of a firearm on a roadway was “stupid.”

“I feel I had good intentions,” Haag said. “I meant the best — I meant to disable the vehicle.” But the police didn’t take his excuses lightly. A gun is still a gun. Guns still kill people, whether you mean for them to or not.

There are legal provisions for self defense in most cases. Some states, Arizona included, even have what is called a “stand your ground” law. Such pieces of legislation give sweeping allowances for all sorts of things to be done in the name of self defense that would normally be considered a crime.

This wasn’t self defense though. Haag chased down the petty criminals who were posing no threat to him or anyone else’s bodily safety whatsoever.

This incident highlights the serious issue with a lack of accountability for appropriate usage firearms. The moment leaders try and say anything in favor of safety, gun violence advocates cry foul and pull out their magic paper with rights written on it.

This epidemic of violence affects many, many people. In the United States since January 1, 2016, there have been 18,378 incidents of gun violence. 199 children under the age of 11 have been killed in such incidents.

One of the witnesses to the shooting, Kevin Peevey, was driving with his daughter and said the incident was “terrifying.”

‘You aren’t used to seeing someone pull a gun and start waving it out the window. People like that give gun owners a bad name. I’m pro-gun, but use it for safety. You don’t pull it out in a very busy intersection, let alone fire it.’

You can watch the special report below, via KNXV-TV.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.