Famous Newscaster Tom Brokaw Calls Out ‘Morning Joe’ Over Trump Coverage (VIDEO)


Tom Brokaw smacked the media upside the head Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” because, of all the cable shows, this one has given Donald Trump the biggest lump of free advertising. Why?

The answer is that Trump sells, even when he calls in, which was unprecedented until this year, and MSNBC, owned by Comcast, doesn’t seem to be able to resist the dollars rolling in to them.

Granted, other media seem to be mesmerized by the reality star, too. CNN has followed him like a moon struck lover. And the media can make or break a candidacy. For example, NBC single-handedly crashed and burned Gov. Howard Dean’s run for president in 2004 by playing the so-called “yell” on a loop over and over, 50 to 60 times. For accuracy’s sake, that “yell” was the result of a hoarse Dean trying to be heard over a crowd of 3,000 supporters, but the media made him look crazy.

That isn’t what is new. But what is new is how little attention Bernie Sanders gets. Sanders is right when he accuses the DNC (Democratic National Party) of bias against him. The DNC is the establishment that loves Hillary Clinton, and the mainstream media picks up their chants.

One instance of that bias is the media adding superdelegates to Clinton’s delegate count, even though these delegates can change their mind at any time, and many endorsed her before Sanders even started. People might think Clinton has already become the Democratic nominee, if they follow the news, even though Sanders has won 19 states so far.

And now that Trump has secured the GOP nomination, it can only get worse. Fortunately, there are still a few old-school journalists who remember when news actually was fair and balanced.

This is what the legendary Tom Brokaw had to say on “Morning Joe” about the ridiculous Trump reality show the news has become:

‘And the other thing is that in the course of the campaign, [Trump has] said some things that were just blatantly not true. He’s never been held accountable for it, so many of them, and the things that he’s said.’

‘Having said all of that, he did touch a big nerve out there and he ran a campaign that no one at this table or in the political world expected him to do as well as he has. But all factors in life are about how do you adjust to the reality of where you are next, how you’re going to deal with the next phase of this.’

‘And we’re now in the next phase. And if he keeps punching out the people in his own party in the way that he has, I don’t see how that’s going to help him. I just don’t.’

From your mouth, Tom Brokaw, to God’s ear.

Watch the video of Brokaw on ‘Morning Joe:’

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