America’s Premier White Supremacist Has Put His Name In The Running For Trump’s VP (TWEET)


Somehow the associations between ex-KKK leader David Duke and Donald Trump just won’t go away. For his part, Trump has tried to distance himself from the white supremacist movement in the US but it keeps coming up anyway.

As you may recall, Duke endorsed Trump earlier in the election cycle, causing the Republican presidential candidate to have a minor meltdown on live television while he couldn’t decide if he was pro-KKK or pro-David Duke. Although he eventually disavowed connections to both, the initial hemming and hawing was as painful to watch as it was telling. Maybe Trump isn’t a white supremacist after all. It could be he’s only a run-of-the-mill racist xenophobe.

Whatever the case may be, Trump may be done with Duke for now but Duke isn’t quite ready to break up. Now the former KKK grand wizard has decided he would make the perfect running mate for the presumptive Republican nominee, going so far as to post a mock campaign poster on Twitter. The poster features the phrase “Make America White Again” and a call to “stop the ethnic cleansing of white Americans!”

Screen-Shot-2016-05-13-at-2.45.52-PM America's Premier White Supremacist Has Put His Name In The Running For Trump's VP (TWEET) Donald Trump Racism Social Media

Using the hashtag #TrumpDuke2016, Duke also tweeted that as Trump’s VP, he would help protect the real estate mogul’s life:

‘It’d be Trump’s best LIFE INSURANCE.The Zio NeoCon Mossad boys would not dare touch him if I was heartbeat from Presidency.’

On his website, Duke frequently frames his support for Trump’s presidential bid as part of the white supremacist agenda:

‘The Trump campaign had become a referendum on the future of America and the people whose forefathers created America!’

Often these statements take a fatalistic turn:

‘A war is raging against Donald Trump, the Real America, and the European American Majority of the United States. The media has incited hatred and violence and repression of Donald Trump and the vast numbers of the American people who support him.’

Duke also likes to give these statements a nationalist bent:

‘If you love your country, the values of this nation and the rights of all Americans including the European American founders of America, you will vote for Donald Trump.’

While it would be easy to dismiss all this as the raving of someone on society’s fringes, according to the SPLC, white supremacists and other hate groups are on the rise and this is something Senior Fellow Mark Potok directly links to Trump’s candidacy:

‘Donald Trump’s demonizing statements about Latinos and Muslims have electrified the radical right, leading to glowing endorsements from white nationalist leaders such as Jared Taylor and former Klansman David Duke. White supremacist forums are awash with electoral joy, having dubbed Trump their “Glorious Leader.” And Trump has repaid the compliments, retweeting hate posts and spreading their false statistics on black-on-white crime.’

Trump may say he doesn’t know who David Duke is but one thing is clear, something in Trump’s message continues to resonate with Duke and those like him. Watch the video below for a quick overview of who this guy really is.

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