God-Loving Marine Writes Racist Letter To Michelle Obama That Will Make You Sick To Your Stomach


In a move that will make most people scratch their heads, a Marine and writer for the DC Gazette, Mike Shepard, wrote a letter to the First Lady (AKA the boss’s wife) last year in which he says some of the most revolting and delusional words that have ever been spoken to America’s first Black First Lady, and beloved American icon, Michelle Obama.

In a move that proves the mental fitness tests that recruits have to take in order to join the military are seriously lacking, the United States Marine wrote this long and disgusting letter to the FLOTUS:

“Mrs. Obama,
It sickens me that I have to take time to write you this letter. I am a Marine who doesn’t recognize color because every color has lived and died for you. You live in a free country to blame your poor pathetic life on the color of another man’s skin. All colors have given their lives for an educated woman to have the freedom to be so ignorant. I don’t blame black people for the ignorance that comes from your mouth. I love all colors because I love all that God creates. I don’t have to like you to love you and today is no different. I don’t like you or your husband because of your character hidden behind your skin. Isn’t it funny how the truth always reveals itself in time. You and your husband never showed this side of yourselves in 2008 before he was elected.”

“You both live better than 99% of the people in this world because of this country. You said that you are for the first time proud to be an American. Well, I will tell you that most of us are ashamed of you. You and your husband have become millionaires off the people of this country, but demonstrate very little appreciation for all that we give.White, black, brown or indifferent millions have fought and died for you to have the freedom to say the ignorant things you say. You are educated, but clearly have very little common sense. You blame past generations of Americans for the troubles of a few. Stop blaming white people for your misery and take a look at yourself in the mirror. We are all responsible for our own happiness and misery. The KKK is ignorance wrapped in a sheet while the Black panthers are raised on ignorance and hate.”

“No different from the cult of Islam thinking their race is better than all other men. God is love and creates every color to include our skin. To truly love God is to love all that He loves. For that I love each of you and pray that we all start taking responsibility for our own damned sins.”

“Martin Luther King had a dream that we would all live in the promise land. He is not remembered for being black. He is remembered for the love, and character he had within his heart. If you don’t like this country get on that plane and never come back. I will stay here and love all Americans, regardless of skin. I will love the beauty of what God created and stand tall with my American friends. Not because of their color but for the character and love they carry within. This country doesn’t owe you anymore than it owes me. So many have thanked me for my service and I will always be grateful. I pray that one day you and your husband might cause me to be grateful for yours. You will never be remembered as the First Lady of Color but soon forgotten after you leave the White House. You nor your husband shall ever divide us. I wish you no harm, but pray you will get the hell off of this American land… If you wish to find me I am now a writer for the DC Gazette. Also on Twitter @mshep08_mike …God bless you and Semper Fi.”

If you feel like you have gained a mental deficit just from reading all that nonsense, join the club; there is no part of this letter that makes any kind of logical sense, and that is so sad for a MARINE! “The KKK is ignorance wrapped in a sheet while the Black Panthers are raised on ignorance and hate.” I’m sorry, what? Does he mean to say that the KKK are normal people who put on easily removable racist sheets, whereas Black Panthers are bred to hate? Because, to my recollection, the Black Panthers are the lesser of two evils in that comparison.

This letter was written in response to a speech that Mrs. Obama gave at Tuskegee University last summer, in which the history-making, not soon-to-be-forgotten First Lady gave an amazing speech about race, diversity, determination, and success. Mrs. Obama said this about the trials and tribulations faced by the Tuskegee Airmen:

“Now, those Airmen could easily have let that experience clip their wings. But as you all know, instead of being defined by the discrimination and the doubts of those around them, they became one of the most successful pursuit squadrons in our military. They went on to show the world that if black folks and white folks could fight together, and fly together, then surely — surely — they could eat at a lunch counter together. Surely their kids could go to school together.”

I can certainly see why the Marine who “loves all colors” would have been outraged by Obama’s words of encouragement to fellow African-Americans. NOT! This guy is a loose cannon, a mentally ill simpleton, and a highly trained killing machine. Here’s hoping all the mental defectiveness doesn’t mesh with the deadly training one day, because this Marine’s hatred for the First Family is beyond evident; it may even be a warning.

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