GOP Senate Candidate Threatens Interviewer, Says ‘My Dog Is Bigger Than You Are’


Jon Keyser is currently a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate. You’ve probably never heard of the guy, but he’s gotten himself into quite a bit of a predicament.

In order to get on the ballot and run for Senate, Keyser needed to collect 10,500 signatures from registered voters. It looked like he managed to do just that – until Denver7 noticed that a lot of the signatures on the petition looked very similar to the person who collected them – a woman named “Maureen.”

Naturally, Denver7‘s Marshall Zelinger met with the GOP hopeful to question him about the discrepancy. Zelinger told Keyser he had spoken to ten individuals who claimed they did not sign Keyser’s petitions, despite their signatures appearing there. Denver7 went around the community to ask resident’s whose names were on the petition if they had in fact signed themselves. In doing so, the station uncovered several forgeries on the list of signatures.

To which Keyser replied when questioned:

‘I’m on the ballot. I’m on the ballot, and there are people like you that have done the Democrats work who have spent hundreds of hours on this.  It’s not going to take away from the fact that I’m on the ballot and I’m going to beat Michael Bennet.’

Obviously, Denver7’s investigative work has sparked attention from officials looking to protect the integrity of the democratic process. ProgressNow Colorado has gotten involved in the ordeal and sent a letter to the District Attorneys in Denver and Jefferson County, Mitch Morrissey and Peter Weir, respectively. The letter detailed a request for a formal investigation into Keyser’s apparent forgeries. ProgressNow Colorado Executive Director Alan Franklin wrote,

‘We ask that you pursue a criminal investigation of Jon Keyser and his campaign immediately. Colorado voters must have full confidence in the integrity of the election process.’

Keyser ended up submitting 16,067 signatures with 11,436 being accepted. He was 86 signatures short in Congressional District Three, leading the Secretary of State to reject the signatures. Keyser didn’t stop there, filing a motion in court to protest the rejection of his petition. Turns out a judge ruled in favor of Keyser’s case, saying the rejected signatures could count.

After that entire ordeal, Keyser was questioned by Denver7 in regards to signature scandal. Clearly upset, the Senate hopeful threatened interview Marshall Zelinger:

‘My dog is bigger than you are. He’s huge. He’s a big guy. Very protective.’

Obviously confused by what Keyser was getting at, Zelinger questioned Keyser as to what he meant by bringing up the size of his dog. Keyser responded by telling Zelinger that his dog is a huge great dane and weighs 165 pounds.

When Zelinger continued to press Keyser for a comment about the forged signatures, Keyser repeatedly avoided his questions, saying he’s focused on the election and beating Michael Bennet.

Here’s the clip of Keyser threatening Zelinger with his dog, via YouTube:

Feature Image is a screengrab via YouTube.