HILARIOUS: A New Mural Of A Trump-Putin Lip-Lock Is Blowing Up The Internet


A European street artist decided to depict presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s love for Putin in one of their recent works of art.

The mural called “Make Everything Great Again,” was painted in Lithuania, paying tribute not only to the pervasive terror that most reasonably minded Americans feel, but clearly the rest of the world as well.

In the capital of Vilnius, outside of his restaurant owner Dominykas Ceckauskas created the masterpiece that depicts the likely relationship between Trump and Putin that would ensue, should Trump win the 2016 election. The mural shows Trump and Putin holding each other and passionately locking lips.

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Image via the Daily Mail.

Ironically, the mural is similar to a famous photograph from 1979 of former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and communist East German president Erich Honecker kissing, as the Daily Mail notes.

Dominykas Ceckauskas told AFP,

‘It seems we have a new Cold War, and America may have a president who seeks friendship with Russia. We see many similarities between these two ‘heroes’ (Putin and Trump). They both have huge egos, and it’s amusing to see they are getting along well.’

Trump has publicly voiced his optimistic outlook on revitalizing US-Russia relations, a sentiment that unsettles many Americans, especially his fellow politicians. Both Putin and Trump share in their dislike of President Obama, and they seem to think a lot of things need change in terms of American foreign policy. As Huffington Post notes, both men hate ISIS and are willing to do just about anything to stop the terrorists. Of course most reasonably minded people know that ISIS isn’t something you can just “blow up” and be done with. Look how things turned out when George W. Bush invaded Iraq – it’s not a favorable outcome. Knowing the histories of both these men, all hell would likely break loose.

Trump even went so far as to call Putin a “powerful leader,” which led to the Russian maniac calling Trump “tremendous,” and “talented without any doubt,” as the Daily Mail also notes. The orange-haired loudmouth also publicly stated that the pair would “probably get along very well.” There’s nothing more lethal than two nut-jobs collaborating and controlling two of the most powerful nations on Earth. It’s safe to say that pretty much no one wants that to happen, and this artwork proves just how worried people truly are.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius highlighted the fact that Trump’s comments calling NATO “obsolete” mirrors Russia’s view, which could be bad news for America since the duo plans to work together should Trump weasel his way into the White House.

Kestutis Girnius is an associate professor of the Institute of International Relations and Political Science in Vilnius, who had something similar to say, telling AFP:

‘Trump has notoriously stated that Putin is a strong leader, and that NATO is obsolete and expensive.’

Obviously, the world is watching the horror that is Donald Trump, and they’re afraid – very afraid.

‘This graffiti in Vilnius expresses the fear of some Lithuanians that Donald Trump is likely to kowtow to Vladimir Putin and be indifferent to Lithuania’s security concerns,’ continued Kestutis Girnius.

If one thing’s for sure, Trump needs to be stopped. If not, we’re looking at Putin’s new partner-in-crime, and there’s nothing more terrifying than that.

Feature Image by Petras Malukas/AFP, accessed via the Daily Mail.