Kansas Pursuing Regulations, Becoming One Of Nation’s Toughest Against Trans People


While the economy in Kansas is falling into an apocalyptic black hole, instead of focusing on the obvious, the Brownback administration’s attention is now on transgender people and where they pee. Conservatives typically like deregulating but in this case, Kansas is pursuing regulations that would give the state one of the nation’s toughest policies against allowing transgender people to update their birth certificates.

Kansas does allow amending birth certificates, but state health department officials say amending conflicts with state law and needs to be eliminated. The change would be imposed within the next six weeks.

WRAL reports:

‘The department’s revised rules would allow a change only if a person or his or her parents could document that the gender was incorrectly recorded at the time of birth.’

During a hearing on Thursday, three transgender rights advocates called on the department to abandon its proposed changes. Kansas state Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook (R) said that a birth certificate is “a record for future generations” and shouldn’t be changed lightly. Pilcher-Cook said birth certificates should reflect the “science” behind a person’s gender and not “political purposes.”

“Men and women are biologically different,” she said. “I don’t think we should become detached from reality.”

However, the issue of where transgender people use the bathroom has become ‘political.’ We’ve been peeing in the same facilities as transgender people for years but only now has it become a big issue/distraction for Conservatives.

The Republican Governor of Kansas is no exception to that.

‘Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration is pursuing the change amid scrutiny of a new law in North Carolina requiring transgender people to use public bathrooms, showers and changing rooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate. The U.S. Justice Department and the state’s governor sued each other this week.

Brownback was a strong supporter of the state’s now-invalidated ban on same-sex marriage. Also, in February 2015, he rescinded a Democratic predecessor’s executive order banning anti-LGBT discrimination in hiring and employment in much of state government.’

A spokeswoman for Brownback said Kansas law allows only minor changes in birth certificates and, “changing the sex designation is not a minor change.”

The proposed changes would eliminate a regulation allowing transgender people to update the gender which is listed on their birth records by providing “a medical certificate” documenting “a physiological or anatomical change.”

Former state Rep. Steve Brunk, also a Republican, who is now executive director of the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, said the health department is “exactly right” to bring its regulations in line with Kansas law.

Stephanie Mott, a transgender woman from Topeka, filed a state-court lawsuit in February against the department for not changing her birth certificate. An attorney representing Mott said the health department’s proposal reflects only the Brownback administration’s “bigotry.”

“If this is passed, there will be litigation challenging its constitutionality,” he said.

Brownback’s governorship, a test for the tea party and Koch brothers, has proven to be a huge failure. Kansas faces a projected shortfall of more than $290 million over the next year, based on projections offered by the state’s economists.

That marks the fourth time in less than two years that the state’s projected revenue had to be scaled back, which can be directly blamed on income tax cuts that Brownback ushered into law in 2012.

But look over there, it’s my other hand. Transgender people are peeing!

The Brownback Experiment failed. Bigotry, too, will fail and history will look back upon this time while shaking its head.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, allowed under Creative Commons license.