‘The View’s’ Joy Behar Picks Fight With Trump Supporter In Crowd & It Doesn’t Go Well (VIDEO)


The Republican Congress members are falling at the feet of Donald Trump like a crazy game of dominos in an Alice-In-Wonderland-like drama. He is the most disliked Republican, yet he has won over 16 contenders. His actions are becoming more and more erratic, yet people seem to love him. Joy Behar on “The View” recently tried to analyze a Trump supporter, asking what we all want to know: Why do people support him?

After the taping of ABC’s “The View,” Joy Behar heard there was a Trump supporter in the audience and asked her to stand up. The woman admitted she was a Trump woman, but then said she didn’t want to explain it. Okay.

As Joy continued, the woman said that she wanted a change. She said she voted for President Obama, but regretted it. When Behar asked her if she liked Obamacare, the woman said no:

‘It [voting for Obama] was the biggest mistake of my life. I work in a hospital, and what Obamacare has done to the hospital system. You can’t get authorization. It’s behind the scenes.’

When Behar asked she if she liked Bernie Sanders’ one-payer system, the woman also said no. Behar then asked the audience member if people should pay through the nose, and she responded:

‘No. You should get insurance through your company.’

Then, Behar asked if pre-existing conditions should be covered. The woman said yes, and added:

‘We need a change. He’s a businessman.’

Behar said Trump is running as a businessman. Then she asked if the woman thought Trump should release his tax returns, she replied:

‘I don’t think his taxes have anything to do with it.’

Behar asked the woman if Trump being a reality star influenced her, and the Trump supporter said:

‘Nah, that’s nonsense.‘

Trump is often “Hot Topic No. 1” on “The View,” and the former reality star just seems to walk over the insults as if they were hot coals and he knows he can’t be burned. An impressed Behar said of him:

‘He’s like Trumplestiltskin [sic]. He turns straw into gold.’

Now, if only Trump could do something with his hair.

Watch their conversation here:

Featured Image: ABC “The View” Twitter.