WATCH: Helicopter Cameras Zoom Out As Group Of Officers Begin To Beat Man With Hands Up (VIDEO)


In the sick minds of these men in uniform, taking out your frustration and continuously beating a man that broke the law is a viable option. A police chase that started in Massachusets and ended in New Hampshire took a ghastly turn once the suspect stepped out of his truck and began to lie on the ground. The savages that are meant to protect Americans and uphold the law began viciously beating Richard Simone as he lies helplessly on the ground waiting for his arrest.

The hour-long chase began when, according to Huffington Post, Richard Simone refused to stop for police near Massachusetts state line and,

‘Had been wanted on charges of burglary and battery with a dangerous weapon.

The chase began in Massachusetts and quickly continued into New Hampshire, thus involving both Massachusetts State Police Department and New Hampshire State Police Department. The frustration of the officers is apparent when Simone finally came to a stop, got out of his truck, and proceeded to lie down on the ground, fully following police protocol. As the officers approached Simone they began beating him senseless, all while the chopper cameras were publicly streaming to local news stations. Once the camera operator grasped what was happening, they quickly zoomed out and the picture becomes unclear. The chopper camera operator ensured the police actions were not caught on camera and proceeded to film the slightly visible scene from above.

Simone was surrounded by multiple police officers and a police dog while being attacked by these men in uniform. The officers in this case took their own personal vengeance on Simone when arresting him, yet play stupid as to why he was so unwilling to pull over in the first place.

Washington Post quotes New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan saying,

‘All New Hampshire public safety officials are held to the highest standards, and it is important and appropriate that the Attorney General’s office has opened an investigation into the incident.’

While the head of Michigan State Police, Richard D. McKeon, added,

‘I also ask the public to recognize that the alleged actions of any one member do not reflect on the rest of the department, the vast majority of whom conduct themselves with honor and courage, and who routinely risk their own safety to protect the public they serve’

While Hassan is holding these police officers to high standards and believes they will be dealt with, it is not uncommon for police officers to be suspended from their jobs yet still bring in all of the benefits and pay of being on duty. The consequences do not fit the actions and many officers are walking free after savagely, and in some cases fatally, beating citizens during their arrest.

Police officers use their uniforms and status to pardon their wrongdoings and many of the men and women in uniform take a simple arrest too far, strip Americans of the rights they are supposed to protect, and leave people fearing for their lives when the patrol lights flash behind them.

Watch the chopper video below.

Video courtesy of Lebron Bath via YouTube

Image Source: Flickr with a Creative Commons license