BREAKING: Horrific Violence Erupts At Nevada Democratic Convention Between Sanders & Clinton Supporters (VIDEO)


Tensions ran high at the Nevada Democratic Convention today when Bernie Sanders supporters demanded a delegate recount. Clinton won Nevada’s caucuses in February, picking up 13 delegates while Sanders claimed 10. Another 12 bound delegates were to be allocated at the state’s convention today. But in the wake protests over a last-minute rule change, actual violence broke out on the convention floor.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Sanders supporters were vocal throughout the day, booing Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) when she called for everyone to unite behind the common cause of stopping a Donald Trump presidency. Boxer responded by saying:

‘You can boo all you want. Boo louder, because you’re booing Bernie Sanders.’

Speeches were made throughout the day and some of Sanders’ most prominent supporters repeatedly called for calm and for those present to trust in the political process. Among them was former Ohio state senator Nina Turner, who reminded the audience that the best way to support Sanders was to stay at the convention and participate. The crowd seems anything but compliant as Turner struggles to makes herself heard in the video below.

Sanders supporters really made themselves heard when the count showed a slight advantage among the number of delegates in support of Hillary Clinton. Final numbers showed 1,693 Clinton supporters in attendance to Sanders’s 1,662.

The final straw apparently was a last-minute change of rules at the convention, approved by a voice count, that led people to rush the floor, shouting “this is fixed” and “no confidence.” Although it’s unclear exactly what happens in the videos below, someone is apparently injured and a medic is called in.

This is not a picture of the American political process at its finest, but it looks an awful lot like a microcosm of what’s happening around the country right now, namely chaos and exclusion. The Nevada Democratic Convention also shows exactly what’s at stake for American voters. Is the political process going to do what it was meant to do and serve as a platform for a genuine democracy, or is it instead going to break down into something else? What this scuffle reveals about the process on a small scale is about to take on much larger proportions as the Democratic National Convention looms ever closer.

Featured Image via Youtube screengrab.