BUSTED: Audio Forensics Expert Confirms Trump Is ‘John Miller’ (VIDEO)


Donald Trump denies pretending to be his own publicist after an audio recording just surfaced, however, two witnesses and an audio expert confirm that the voice is that of the Republican presumptive nominee.

Trump frequently feigned to be his spokesman, calling himself “John Miller.” According to journalists, he would tell them on the phone that Madonna and France’s future first lady Carla Bruni, among others, called him up and asked him out.

Trump has a fragile ego which needs to be fed often.

The reporter on the other end of that phone call was Sue Carswell, who was with People and she confirmed it was Trump on the phone. Apparently, journalists were aware of Trump’s alter ego. It wasn’t much of a secret, until he opted for a White House bid and denied that that was his voice.

And now, CNN and Anderson Cooper looked into the bizarre situation.

Mediaite reports:

They called in three people. Two were reporters who confirmed that in the early 1990s, it was well known that Trump pretended to be his own PR people. Another was an audio forensics expert. Then, Cooper had a whole panel discussing what the implications of Trump’s denial of being on that call are.

Watch, uploaded by Ben King:

All Trump had to do was own up to it and add some sort of excuse (we can’t help him with that because the whole thing is just too weird).

While under oath, in a separate situation, Trump admitted to using pseudonym of “John Barron,” which is also the name of his child, “Barron.” In 1990, Trump testified in a court case that “I believe on occasion I used that name.”

Someone with the name of ‘John Barron’ also played the part of Trump’s public relations person.

Trump, a man who employed a racist butler who wants President Obama murdered. Trump, a tender flower with a passion for lying. Trump, the GOP presumptive nominee.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, allowed under Creative Commons license.