JUST IN: New Georgia Poll Gives A Projection For November Unprecedented In This VERY Red State


A brand new poll out of Georgia has the two front runners effectively tied in a general election match up. Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has 45% support to Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton’s 41%. That four point margin is within the poll’s margin of error, meaning, as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, that “neither [candidate] can confidently claim a state that’s voted for the GOP nominee since 1996.”

Yes, Georgia, oh so very red Georgia, is looking at going over to the left come November. For the record, Georgia only leans more to the left when the Democratic general election candidate is Bernie Sanders, which is still a possibility. When Sanders was pitted against Trump, the Senator came in with 47% of the vote to Trump’s 42%, switching and adding one percent to the lead Trump holds over Clinton.

This poll was commissioned by the Atlanta Journal Constitution and conducted from May 9 through May 12. It is the second recent survey to show a similar state of affairs heading into the general election. A WSBTV poll released just over a week ago has a less than 1% difference, with Trump at 42.3% and Clinton at 41.2%. The margin of error (the size of the potential error in the poll numbers) is 4.1%. Again, neither candidate can really claim a lead in the state.

These poll numbers are backed up by and help substantiate the claim that the Democrats are almost unalterably heading to a win in the November election. A projection released yesterday by Real Clear Politics has Clinton less than 50 electoral votes shy of the 270 needed to win the general election, while Trump only comes in with 143 electoral votes. Georgia is rated as a tossup by the analysts, and if this series of polls is any indication, Clinton and the Democrats have the general election already effectively won.

You can check out the Real Clear Politics map below.

rcp-map1 JUST IN: New Georgia Poll Gives A Projection For November Unprecedented In This VERY Red State Election 2016 Top Stories

As you can see above, in addition to Georgia’s toss-up rating, indicated by the faded out color, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are in the same category. Having won the Democratic primaries in all three states, Clinton has a strong base to build on for November.

Looking at national polls is ever rosier, although that doesn’t necessarily mean accurate. Clinton is 5.7% ahead of Trump in the Real Clear Politics average of national polls, as of Saturday afternoon. Huffington Post has Clinton about 4% ahead, as you can see below.

wtf4 JUST IN: New Georgia Poll Gives A Projection For November Unprecedented In This VERY Red State Election 2016 Top Stories

One of the key reasons that the election is expected to turn Georgia an unprecedented blue is that both front runners have rock bottom favorability ratings. Instead of just looking at more numbers, you can hear it from the mouths of Georgians themselves. Luke Donahue said:

‘I don’t agree with either leading candidate. My friends tell me I’m helping Hillary. And if I lived in Ohio or Florida, that may be more true. But I am not going to vote blindly just because of party allegiance.’

At least 1 in 10 Georgia voters indicated that they were considering either voting for a third party candidate or staying home in November.

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