Michael Moore And Bill Maher Vow To Do Something Special To “Take Trump Down” (VIDEO)


Michael Moore appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher” last night, where the two talked about taxes, Bernie Sanders, the water in Flint, and, of course, Donald Trump. This prompted the two to mock Trump for a while before vowing to keep the real estate mogul out of the Oval Office.

Before they got to Trump, Moore, a Flint, Michigan native, voiced his disgust over the city’s contaminated drinking water, calling it a hate crime:

‘They did it because it’s a black city, a poor city. They wouldn’t do this to Bloomfield Hills or Ann Arbor or Grosse Pointe. This was a hate crime — it was a hate crime based on this race hatred of this particular party.’

Moore then tied the situation directly to GOP policies:

‘This was a decision made by a Republican governor to give the rich in Michigan a $1 billion tax break. And then when they had $1 billion less dollars in the budget, it was like “OK, what are we gonna do? We gotta cut back on services — anybody got any ideas?”‘

Moore also said he was disappointed by President Obama’s recent visit to Flint:

‘I’m very upset that President Obama went there and drank a glass of water and said, “It’s OK everybody to drink the water.” It was just a stunning, sad thing to see happen.’

When they turned their attention to Trump, neither seemed able to halt the outpouring of mockery. Moore related having met Trump 15 years ago on the set of a talk show. At the time, Trump was nervous about appearing on air with Moore:

‘A producer said Mr. Trump’s afraid to go on the show with you, that you’re going to, you know, do something or say something.’

Moore recounted that when he shook Trump’s hand at the time it was “all wet and all slimy.” Maher couldn’t resist chiming in “and tiny.” Moore pointed out that this is the real Trump underneath all that bravado, which is why he can’t understand when people seem “afraid to take him down.” Moore then turns to Maher and announces that it’s up to them:

‘You and I are going to take him down.You and I. No, seriously, this is the end of Donald Trump.’

Watch the video below for the whole exchange.


Featured Image via YouTube screengrab.