BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Declares What Bill’s Role Will Be In The White House And It Has Republicans Going Crazy


Current Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton spoke to an audience in Louisville, Kentucky earlier this week where she told potential voters that she will be utilizing former United States President Bill Clinton’s support in running the country, should she be elected this fall.

As many American voters are aware, Bill Clinton’s administration saw tremendous economic success during his time in office. Clearly the former Secretary of State recognizes that fact and is prepared to take advantage of one of her most powerful resources.

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As Republicans attack sitting President Barack Obama over what they deem to be a failing economy, and candidates such as Donald Trump make obscure promises to “Make America Great Again,” Hillary Clinton’s plan to put Bill back to work to improve the economy sure puts a damper on a major Republican talking point.

The GOP has long been funded by big money and it’s well known that the party claims its primary goal has been to fix the failing economy since the recession of 2008. Clinton’s announcement is like one meteor-sized crash into a campaign strategy Republicans have long used to rally voter support.

Alluding to her husband’s track record, Clinton told supporters at the rally in Louisville that when Bill was president, he created 23 million jobs. Her goal seems to be to apply some of the strategies that worked to propel the economy back in the 90s to the current economic issues America faces today.

When a former president with a stellar economic legacy is set to be put in charge of revitalizing the current economy, it’s safe to say he’s got the best shot out of almost anyone. It’s pretty hard for the GOP to compete with that.

The Republican Party is left with the likes of Donald Trump, a businessman who has no experience as a politician aside from running his campaign for president. Although he’s a billionaire, it’s worth noting that The Donald has faced his share of business bankruptcy, so what’s to stop him from running the entire economy into the ground?

Say what you will about the Clintons, but most Americans would place their trust in the hands of Hillary and Bill when it comes to whipping the economy into shape. And not to belittle the dynamic duo, but is being up against a man who’s entirely inexperienced and demonstrably incompetent really much competition to begin with?

Watch the clip from the Kentucky rally below, via YouTube:

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