Nevada Democrats Make Excuses For Not Counting Bernie Sanders Delegates Which Led To Chaos At Convention (VIDEO)


Saturday, Hillary Clinton won Nevada at the state Democratic convention even after Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders garnered a surprise delegate victory out of the county conventions last month, however, delegates for Sanders were excluded and that led to confusion.

According to Nevada’s Democratic State Committee, those delegates failed to register as Democrats before the caucus.

However, a person needs to be registered as a Democrat in order to become a delegate so it’s a bit confusing at this point.

Tensions flared at the convention between the two camps at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas in which more than 3,400 people attended, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

‘Out of the 35 pledged delegates Nevada will send to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this summer, 20 will support Clinton and 15 will support Sanders.’

As for superdelegates, the state has eight which are/were up for grabs; four have pledged support to Clinton and one has pledged her support to Sanders. There are still three who have not said which candidate they will support.

‘In total, 1,693 delegates and alternates showed up to support Clinton on Saturday, while 1,662 turned out for Sanders. All alternates were seated as delegates because not all of the delegates for each candidate showed up.’

The convention became contentious with coveted delegates at risk for each candidate. Sanders supporters outnumbered those in support of Clinton, with Berners shouting down speakers, according to Raw Story.

California Sen. Barbara Boxer was called a “b*tch” while she attempted to speak. Dozens of Bernie Sanders supporters flocked to the front of the convention room, shouting “this is fixed” and “no confidence” at party officials who were leading the convention after the vote was announced.

On the Clinton side, a woman in the front row of the room who was wearing a Clinton T-shirt yelled out “call the police!” and “arrest them!” at the crowd of Sanders supporters.

Nevada journalist Jon Ralston posted what appears to be a sarcastic tweet, stating, “What, Bernie delegates were not registered Dems? Why, that would be as crazy as Bernie not being a registered Dem.”

Ralston included in his tweet the Nevada State Democratic Party defense in its exclusion of the 58 Sanders delegates.

After the vote was announced, things became chaotic at the caucus.

A motion was made for a recount, then this happened.

It appears the situation between the two camps isn’t going to calm down for for some time.

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