WATCH: Saturday Night Live Brilliantly Mocks Donald Trump’s Attempt To Find A V.P. (VIDEO)


As now presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump needs a running mate. His campaign, focused pretty much solely on Trump’s personality, was apparently not previously prepared for such a need. Former competitor Chris Christie, who has, since dropping out, endorsed Trump, is helping lead the effort to find Trump’s potential Vice President. (Dr. Ben Carson was also formerly involved in the candidate vetting process, but has since dropped out of that role.)

Last night, Saturday Night Live skewered the odd ‘bromance’ between Trump and Christie as played out in the search for a Republican vice presidential nominee.

Bobby Moynihan/Chris Christie suggested a list of options to Trump/Darrell Hammond, with Trump rejecting all of his proposals. The suggestions included former competitors Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina, in addition to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Of Ryan, who has refused to back Trump, Moynihan/Christie said that he sends the message that he will “see [Trump] in hell.”

An undercurrent to the skit roasted the seemingly palm of the hand status that Christie has in Trump’s world. The perception of such a set up goes back to Trump’s post-wins press conference on the first Super Tuesday, March 1. Christie’s facial expressions while standing behind Trump were so strange that the “Free Christie” campaign was launched, jokingly suggesting that the New Jersey Governor was being held by Trump against his will. Christie really honestly assured local media that he wasn’t a hostage.

In the skit last night, Christie repeatedly implies suggesting himself for the role of Vice President. Trump/Hammond rejected his offer every time. In addition, Christie nervously laughed off his own suggestion of Jeb Bush, and hollered about suggesting Bruce Springsteen.

“He’s a Democrat,” Trump shot back to the Springsteen suggestion. “But he’s god!” Christie asserted. Trump nodded in agreement.

One of the most shocking suggestions came before Springsteen.

“How about a guy from a swing state, Florida,” Christie suggested. “He’s half-Hispanic, with a proven record for standing up for himself.”

“George Zimmerman,” Trump finished.

“No!” Christie immediately replied. “No no no no no no. Marco Rubio.”

“Oh, little Marco,” Trump said. “I can’t ask him to be V.P. until his parents sign the release form.”

Little Marco hearkens back to Trump’s long standing nickname for his former competitor, Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

You can watch the sketch below. It opens with a secondary skewer: namely, of Trump’s apparent impersonation of his publicist back in the 1990’s, in order to give him an “opportunity to brag about himself.” In the 90’s, this spokesperson is named John Miller, while Saturday Night Live christened him “Joey Pepperoni.”

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.