JUST IN: Another U.S. State Has Voted To End ALL Superdelegates (VIDEO)


The Alaskan state Democratic Convention approved on Sunday a resolution to end all superdelegates from within the state. The resolution was, however, technically nonbinding in all of its parts.

The move is “urging the superdelegates in the state to conform to the will of the voters.” In addition. the resolution also states that Alaskan Democrats “hereby invite other states’ Democratic Parties to join Alaska in pursuit of this reform.” On a national scope, the members of Alaska’s convention asked the national convention to either “abolish the superdelegate system entirely or to otherwise force unpledged delegates to vote in accordance with their state’s vote results.”

“Superdelegates” are those members of the Democratic National Convention who are free to vote for whichever candidate they please at said convention. Since that vote is responsible for the nomination, a large amount of democracy is removed from the process, to put it lightly. In addition, with differing popularity of the two candidates among the grassroots level versus the party establishment level, there is a clear bias. Most of the superdelegates are officials within the party establishment.

The move lately among grassroots activists has been to remove the power of the superdelegates and bind them and their support to the popular vote. In cases such as Alaska, superdelegates have pledged their support in direct opposition to the will of the people as expressed in the popular-vote nominating contest, where Bernie Sanders took home over 80% of the vote.

Alaska was the site of another highly publicized confrontation between grassroots activists and superdelegates. Levi Younger, from Eagle River, Alaska, confronted Alaska state superdelegate Kim Metcalfe online a couple of months ago to ask her to support Sanders since the overwhelming majority of her state did. She flatly, and some would say rudely, refused.

For the record, Metcalfe is the only Alaskan superdelegate to pledge her support for Hillary Clinton. One, Larry Murakami, has endorsed Sanders, and the other two have not yet announced their support.

The Maine Democratic Convention passed a similar, more binding resolution some days ago. Sanders also won Maine by a landslide, with 64.3% of the vote to Clinton’s 35.5%.

The Alaskan state Convention was the largest ever held.

You can watch a video report on the measure below, via local media.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.