JUST IN: DNC Just Backpedaled And Blamed This For The Nevada Convention Debacle


Las Vegas police formed a wall of protection around the stage after Nevada’s State Democratic Party convention erupted into an angry battle for delegates Saturday. The official statement has now evolved into the DNC saying that the casino where the convention was held made them shut it down. What made Bernie’s people feel so cheated and angry?

Party leaders would not seat 58 Sanders delegates, saying that the delegates did not have the right documentation. Nevada’s state convention decided the last 12 delegates selected to go to the national Philadelphia convention, and the final Nevada result was 20 delegates for Clinton and 15 for Sanders.

The state party excluded 64 Sanders delegates in total. Leslie Sexton, a convention credentials committee co-chair, planned to speak after the final results, but the party declined. Sexton said:

‘The credentials minority report is based on the challenge of 64 Sanders delegates. Contrary to the procedures and precedents set by the committee, nearly none of these 64 people were presented with the opportunity to be heard by the committee or to demonstrate that they are registered Democrats.’

‘Without the opportunity to be heard, no delegate could be stricken. The actions of the credentials committee violates the spirit of the Nevada state delegate plan, which encourages full participation in the democratic process, and it violates the spirit and values of our state and our nation.’

‘Of these 64 Delegate and Alternates, six were allowed to be seated after their appropriate information was provided and 58 were denied.’

This wasn’t your typical red-faced anger. No, the people supporting Sanders rushed the stage, threw chairs, and cursed the Democratic officials. The party at the Paris hotel on the Las Vegas strip was scheduled to end at 7 pm, but at 10 pm, they were still at it, so the casino said to shut it down.

Jon Ralston has a live Nevada PBS shows and is a contributor for Politico, NBC, MSNBC, and KNPR. He tweeted this about the convention:

The casino also released a statement to KOLO describing the events:

‘At approximately 10:00 p.m. on Saturday night, the Director of Security for the Paris Las Vegas Hotel informed the State Party and representatives from both presidential campaigns that the property could no longer provide the necessary security under conditions made unruly and unpredictable. Paris Las Vegas Hotel security requested a prompt conclusion to the event.’

In addition, the statement said the party concluded after a motion to:

‘…adopt and elect the State Central Committee pursuant to the rules and as submitted by the county party chairs. This allowed the State Party to properly adjourn the State Convention.’

Sanders supporters posted online the state Democratic leader Roberta Lange’s office and cell phone numbers according to a Ralston tweet. Ralston said that she is now receiving “a flood of nasty calls” as a result.

This is just the sort of dirty politics that makes people believe Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy.

Featured Image: Theresa Thompson via Flickr, Creative Commons License.