Donald Trump Gives New & Even More Disgusting Reason For Mocking Disabled Reporter (VIDEO)


Donald Trump has a way of enraging Americans each time he opens his mouth. Throughout his whole presidential campaign, Trump has berated and insulted the masses, while making sure to pinpoint certain people and belittling them continuously. Noticing he leaves a bad taste in voters mouths, Trump has brought it upon himself to try to smooth things over with those he has insulted in order to gain some credibility in voters eyes.

According to Washington Post, During an interview with Trump Tuesday,

‘Unprompted, he delivered a five-minute soliloquy attempting to explain himself for making wild arm and hand gestures at a rally last November to discredit New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski.’

Trump mocked Kovaleski‘s disability when speaking in South Carolina. He referred to Kovaleski as “the poor guy” and stated, “oh you got to see this guy!” while mocking his hand movements and completely humiliating Kovaleski with each passing second. Kovaleski, who suffers from arthrogryposis, a chronic condition which causes the joints to curve and limits mobility in his arms, was made a laughing-stock at Trumps leisure.

See the humiliation from this buffoon for yourself.

During the interview with Washington Post, in an eager attempt to get last minute approval before going into the general election, Trump cries,

‘I would never say anything bad about a person that has a disability,I swear to you it’s true, 100 percent true. . . . Who would do that to [the] handicapped? I’ve spent a lot of money making buildings accessible’

Trump not only gives a very vague explanation that sort of resembles an apology, but he has to throw in the fact that he has money and has spent money to follow rules and regulations. Trump’s narcissistic demeanor and inability to genuinely apologize and humble himself is very apparent and further proves Trump cares about no one but himself. His whole apology revolves around the fact that his approval ratings are plummeting and he needs to make himself look better.

He went on to refer to the exact scenario and,

‘Then satirically reenacted the scene, his arms jerking all around, and said he was trying to show “a guy who grovels — ‘Oh, oh, I didn’t say that. I didn’t say that.’ That was the imitation I was doing.” ‘

Donald Trump has yet to apologize for his obvious mockery of Kovaleski and the ridiculous way he imitates his disability. Trump tries to soothe things over by claiming it was not his intention, and not what he was doing, when a simple apology and admitting he was wrong would get him further and help him gain some credibility to voters everywhere. His complete lack of empathy and egocentric personality prevents him from admitting fault and he still remains the joke of the nation.

Video: CNN via YouTube

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