Mississippi Man Accidentally Shoots Mother In Face While Testing Out New Firearm


On Monday evening in Magnolia, Mississippi, Pike County deputies received a call claiming there had been a shooting at a local residence. Upon arriving at the scene, deputies found a woman, who was later identified as Dorothy Lawrence, lying on the ground quite obviously hurt. Her son, Richard Lawrence, was by her side holding her.

Richard Lawrence informed authorities that he had been sitting in his pickup truck showing off his new 38 Caliber pistol when the gun accidentally fired and shot his mother in the face.

Dorothy Lawrence had to be transported to Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center, where she needed to be treated for serious injuries.

Her son informed police that the incident was an accident, but currently the case is still under investigation by police to determine whether that was indeed the case.

Sadly, there are far too many cases in this country that mimic this one. Injuries related to firearms are one of the top ten causes of death in the United States. In 2010, there were 600 deaths due to accidents involving a firearm.

Countless horror stories make headlines in the media telling of children who have picked up their parents’ firearms and accidentally shot themselves or their family members, yet Republicans in Congress still push back against gun control legislation, claiming it infringes upon their Second Amendment Rights.

The sad thing is, a lot gun control proposals aren’t all that radical. When President Obama exercised his executive order to implement background checks on gun purchases, many people argued that he didn’t do enough. Yet he was still met with extreme backlash by the right.

It makes you wonder how far we’re willing to go, how many innocent people have to die, before we make some big changes.

One person has an idea for a simple change, one that just may please Republicans and Democrats alike. Kai Kloepfer wants to create a “smart firearm,” which includes placing a fingerprint sensor on the base of the weapon to ensure that only the gun owner can operate it. Kloepfer’s idea would prevent young children from accidentally firing the weapon and injuring themselves as well as others. The system would register his or her fingerprint and render the firearm inoperable to anyone else who may pick it up to use it.

You can watch a clip below of Kloepfer explaining the idea further, via YouTube:


Feature Image via Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.