Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Announces His Intent To Fill This Specific Position In The Trump Presidency


Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson is the latest celebrity to back Donald Trump for president, but the reality television star has outlined a few stipulations that come along with his support.

The outspoken 70-year-old supported Ted Cruz (R-TX) throughout the primaries, but with Cruz out of the race, Robertson is now looking to the presumptive GOP presidential nominee — Donald J. Trump.

Robertson was at the Cannes Film Festival promoting “Torchbearer” — a gruesome new documentary that calls for cultural repentance and renewed faith in God. From a boat docked at the shores of Cannes, France, Robertson appeared on “Fox and Friends” and offered to assist Trump in brushing up on his Christian values.

He told “Fox and Friends”:

‘I’ll make a valiant attempt behind the scenes, you understand, to sit down with Donald with a Bible in between us, and I might can help him along with concepts like loving your enemies, loving your god, loving your neighbor. Even your enemies, forgive them and move on. I may can help him in that area. I can see it now, Trump wins and the camera’s panning and his spiritual advisor is me.’

Robertson first made it into the spotlight with his family’s A&E reality television show “Duck Dynasty,” but has since made a name for himself by openly spewing hate for atheists and the LGBT community.

Earlier this week the bible-thumping loudmouth sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the new documentary as well as his opinion of America’s current political climate. Robertson spoke to the fleeting nature of religion in this country, suggesting that Bernie Sanders’ progressive, socialist agenda is somehow bad for America.

‘The founding fathers were godly men, and I’m no different. … Our founders said once your religion goes, then your morality goes, then your freedom goes, and you see with Bernie Sanders they’re wanting to get rid of the Republic and replace it with socialism. ‘

When discussing “Torchbearer,” Robertson even pointed the finger at Miley Cyrus, blaming her for America’s apparent immorality:

‘America is floundering in sin, and I know that’s a unique word in [Hollywood]. If you don’t see the decadence around you, dude, promoted by Miley Cyrus and others in Hollywood, then I don’t know what to tell you.’

Watch the trailer for “Torchbearer” via YouTube, below:

Robertson claims he first became a Republican at age 28 when the party openly opposed abortions. Now he blames America’s lack of religious faith for their continuance:

‘When you remove the God of the Bible and suppress the truth and allow men and women to determine right and wrong, historically speaking, it always ends in carnage and murder — Hitler, the Caesars of Rome, the French Revolution, ISIS. Man, there has been a slaughterhouse on planet Earth, and the common denominator is the removal of God. We’re killing babies in their mother’s womb now. You were in your mother’s womb, dude. If someone went in there and threw this future reporter away, you wouldn’t be talking to me, so give me a break.’

Speaking about his Republican ties, Robertson explained:

‘I’ll go with the platform that I discovered when I was 28. I looked at the Democrats and the Republicans, and at least the Republicans aren’t for killing their children or for perversion, so I’m a Republican. So I’ll back old Donald.’

According to Robertson, “sin” is killing America. And although he may back Trump for president, he certainly doesn’t think he’s going to fix all of America’s problems:

‘It’s not a political fix we need, it’s a spiritual one.’

Here’s the full “Fox and Friends” interview with Robertson, via YouTube:

Feature Image is a screengrab via YouTube.