America Has A Dramatic Increase In Police Deaths, Guess Which Race Is Responsible For Most?


There has been, compared to the first months of last year, a dramatic increase in the number of police deaths in the United States. According to Shaun King of the New York Daily News, 17 police officers were shot and killed in the line of duty from January 1, 2016, through May 10, 2016. Last year, only 10 had been so killed in the same time period.

You might be thinking, “And I’ll bet that most of those deaths were from confrontations with black people, right?” Nope. You are as far off as possible if you think such things, although it makes sense for you to think it. After all, the only incidents of police murders the media ever seems to drone on about are when the murder was carried out by an African American. And, no matter how many talking heads want to assert otherwise, the agenda of stirring up the racist idea that all police deaths are at the hands of blacks is profitable for the media and company.

But, the answer is no. Most of those police officers – 71%, according to King- who have been murdered so far this year were killed by white men. King tells about a few of the most recent incidents in the below excerpt. Police were protesting Beyonce because of her support of Black Lives Matter.

‘[R]ight around the same time police were protesting Beyoncé, a white man, Curtis Ayers, shot and killed Officer Brad Lancaster of Kansas City. Lancaster was a decorated Air Force veteran and a loving father of two. The last officer before that to be shot and killed was Officer Steven Smith, also a married father of two. Lincoln Rutledge, the white man who killed him, had also burned down his wife’s home. A month before that, Evan Dorsey, a white man who had been in and out of prison since 2008, shot and killed Deputy Carl Koontz, a married father with an 8-month-old baby.’

Such a responsibility among these white, “normal,” Americans highlights where much of the gun violence problem lies. There is an entire segment of the American population that is devoted to promoting the religion of  gun worship, from the National Rifle Association to many right leaning American Christian churches. You can’t exactly debate that a free flow of guns is responsible for gun violence in America.

No, enacting safety restrictions on guns won’t end all violence, but, by definition, it will curtail gun violence, among all sectors of the population.

Since January 1, 2016, there have been 19,490 incidents of gun violence in the United States. Out of these incidents, 1,783 of which were officer involved, there have come a total of 4,948 deaths and 10,063 injuries. 1 in 4 of the deaths are among those 17 years and younger, all the way down to infant.

If that’s not a major epidemic of violence that must be stopped, nothing is. And if anything other than the lives of American citizens, from police officers to teenagers, is your first priority as an American leader, you need a new job.

Featured Image is via Tony Webster on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.