JUST IN: New Clinton Vs Trump Poll Asked Voters Who They Trust With The Economy, The Results Are Incredible


As the general election approaches, it seems more and more polls surface every day. Some attempt to predict which Democrat or Republican will likely win each state, will others look ahead into the future in hopes of predicting just what the general election holds.

A new Fox News national poll released Thursday night took a look at top issues within this year’s election in an attempt to understand which presidential candidate fares the best in which area.

The national poll found that Americans feel the economy is the most important issue regarding the 2016 election. 39 percent of Democrats and Republicans alike feel that the economy will be the deciding factor in how they cast their vote this November. And, most voters trust Donald Trump to a better job handling the country’s economic welfare than Hillary Clinton. Clinton does poll better than Trump however, in areas such as foreign policy and nuclear weapons.

Compared to 2008, when President Obama was first elected, only 26 percent of voters feel they are economically better off now than they were before he was president.

Trump beats Clinton 53-41 on the economy, and, no surprise here, he’s also ahead of Clinton 52-40 on national security and terrorism.

It’s worth noting that Clinton leads Trump by 12 points on social issues, 10 points on education, 10 points on foreign policy, 3 points on health care, and 2 points on immigration, respectively.

Although the entire poll may be surprising to some, there’s one finding that no one could’ve predicted. Voters believe that Donald Trump is the candidate who will do a better job telling the truth to Americans, beating Hillary Clinton by a whopping 12 points. Those polled also think he’ll be the better candidate in terms of managing taxpayer funds and even restoring trust in the government.

Trump’s been harping about building a U.S.-Mexico border since the beginning of his campaign, and Fox News found that 54 percent of voters actually believe he will do it – and 42 percent saying they do not believe the loudmouthed businessman. 50 percent also believe him when he claims he will deport any and all illegal immigrants from the country, with 44 percent saying they don’t believe him. Trump supporters are more likely to believe he’ll follow through with the wall, while it’s the Clinton supporters who have more doubts.

Dark times are ahead. Each day Donald Trump gets closer and closer to becoming our next president – a terribly scary reality for many liberals. The fact that many Americans trust Trump over Clinton is bad news if we’re to continue America on the path to progress that President Obama has fought so tirelessly to pave.

You can view the full Fox News national poll here.

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