Los Angeles Lawyer Wearing KKK Mask Arrested After Threatening To Lynch City Council President


An extremely vile and racist human being, if one should even dare to call him that, was arrested on Wednesday after making threats to and hurling hate speech toward Los Angeles Council President, Herb Wesson.

Wayne Spindler is an attorney from the San Fernando Valley area who often attends Los Angeles City Hall meetings clad in a Ku Klux Klan hood with a swastika on it, according to ABC7. On Wednesday Spindler attended a city council meeting where he allegedly filled out a comment card on which he drew a picture of a man hanging from a tree, and wrote a racial slur directed at President Wesson, the first black City Council President of Los Angeles.

Wesson described the details of the comment card Spindler filled out:

‘A cross that’s burning, an individual in a KKK hood. He calls me the ‘N’ word and has a photo of me hanging from a tree.’

Spindler claims the comment card isn’t a depiction of any kind of harm he wishes upon Wesson, and claims the lynching illustration represents Los Angeles taxpayers:

‘The cross burning is the city burning down from corruption, the hood is city hall coming after us for our money and the tree is me and everybody getting lynched as taxpayers.’

He justified the use of a racial slur by claiming that city officials won’t listen unless such language is used:

‘They don’t listen to us. The only way they listen to us is if we’re emphatic.’

Here’s the speaker card filled out and submitted by Spindler:

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Image is property of the City of Los Angeles.

According to ABC7, local officials have dealt with this kind of outrageous behavior from Spindler for many years, but most of the time he’s evaded arrest under his right to free speech. In 2015 he was arrested at a council meeting, but the charges were not pursued.

Los Angeles City Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson said the following about Spindler in a statement:

‘This is the kind of verbiage we get on a routine basis as L.A. City Council and one of the characters finally put it in writing so now we have proof that this is the kind of abuse that residents, constituents, and council members and staff take on a regular basis.’

Spindler feels he’s contributing to the city and making difference, ‘This guy [Wesson] is just using this as a ploy. He wants to get me and other people out of city hall because we’re making a difference.’

Spindler claims he isn’t racist, but is playing on Wesson’s race because it’s the only way to get attention for the causes he claims to support.

Councilwoman Nury Martinez detailed Spindler’s past behavior to the Los Angeles Sentinel:

‘When there are kids attending the Council meeting, he will use the ‘f’ word every-other-word.  He gets some sick joy out of traumatizing kids.  On a day when the Council recognized Denim Day to fight rape, Mr. Spindler made disgusting and sexist language that promotes rape culture.  When Mr. Spindler calls me and other women ‘cunt’ or ‘bitch,’ he is not advancing constructive dialogue.  He is abusive and sexist. His only goal seems to be to disrupt meetings and offend everyone in the room.’

Councilmember Paul Koretz echoed a similar sentiment to Martinez’s:

‘I am quite embarrassed that Wayne Spindler is one of my constituents. He has frequently crossed the line of right and wrong in the past, but in this instance, with his drawing suggestive of a lynching adding the threat of violence to his typical hate speech, I believe he’s crossed over into criminal behavior.’

After his arrest, Spindler, 46, posted $75,000 bail and is now free until his court date scheduled for June 10, 2016.

Watch the news clip below, via KTLA/YouTube:


Featured image is screenshot from the video.