JUST IN: President Obama’s Popularity Numbers Are Soaring in Unprecedented Fashion


As much as Republicans love campaigning against Barack Obama, who, by the way, is not running for a third term, the truth is that the President actually is popular, while the GOP-led Congress’ disapproval rating has continued to plunge.

During the past year, Obama has seen his poll numbers drastically change for the better.

The Washington Post reports:

‘In Gallup’s most recent weekly average, Obama is at 51-45 — the exact opposite of where he was on Jan. 1 and a 12-point swing since then. He’s been at 50 percent or higher in every week since March 1, save one.

We looked at this shortly after Obama first hit the 50 percent mark, noting that his approval had been climbing pretty steadily for a few months. At that point, we speculated that it was probably linked to the campaign; after all, the last time he was above 50 percent, he’d been propelled there by his own reelection.’

According to the analysis, Obama’s approval rating has a lot to do with how Democrats have viewed his presidency more favorably since the beginning of 2015. It’s not just Democrats, but Independents, too, and that has escalated over the past year.

For sure, Obama’s second term has been something else. For a ‘lame duck’ President, he’s accomplishing a lot.

Since last May, according to demographics, Obama has seen an increase in approval ratings among Hispanics, people under 30, women, and people who identify their political ideology as “independent.”

‘The groups that have moved toward Obama the least? College graduates, older people, weekly church-goers — and black Americans. Blacks have consistently been among those most supportive of President Obama, so this, weirdly, is probably a function of not having much higher to actually go.’

President Obama’s ratings aren’t too shabby for a man Republicans deemed to be a socialist who would confiscate their guns and wreak havoc on the economy. After all, according to Donald Trump, the original birther, Obama traveled all the way from Kenya to usurp the presidency here in the United States. Republicans should change their tactics since they failed miserably last time, but it seems that’s too much to ask.

Trump would need to secure the female vote in order to obtain his political aspirations and replace President Obama. Among women, 7 in 10 have an unfavorable view of the acidic former reality star.

According to Gallup, among adults, Trump is viewed unfavorably by 60 percent of adults nationally. In contrast, Hillary Clinton is viewed unfavorably by 55 percent and Bernie Sanders only has a 37 percent unfavorability rating. Among Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents, Clinton holds a 29 percent unfavorability rating and Sanders stands at 16 percent.

Let’s look at Trump’s numbers with Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents. Trump is viewed favorably by 65 percent of voters while 30 percent view the billionaire candidate unfavorably.

Trump direly needs to correct his image with women, but that’s not going to happen. We have really good memories. History will look back at Obama with a smile. The man brought badly needed change to our country in the face of an unprecedented obstructionist Congress. And now, the GOP has the Senate, too.

Imagine what Republicans would do to the Supreme Court if a Trump Presidency ever comes to fruition. One of the names on Trump’s Supreme Court list even trolled him on Twitter. The man is a laughing stock.

Featured image: President Obama via Flickr, allowable under Creative Commons license.