EXPOSED: Trump Fans Divide Democrats By Posing As Sanders And Hillary Supporters Online


The tension between Hillary Clinton supporters and those of Bernie Sanders seems to be peaking on social media, and most have suspected that some of that has to do with Internet users trolling either side. A plan was laid out on Saturday for Donald Trump supporters to deepen the divide between the two Democratic candidates.

On 4Chan, a message board in the bowels of the Internet, an anonymous poster authored a post titled, “Let’s troll Bernie and Hillary supporters systematically.”

The author, who apparently goes by the name John J. Miller on Twitter — in reference to Donald Trump’s allegedly fake name he used while acting as his own publicist — said on 4Chan that he or she feigned to be a Democratic voter, then trolled supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in order to create more division, thus helping Trump secure the White House.

“We need to take advantage of this. This is Trump’s gift,” the anonymous 4chan user wrote. “If we’re serious about a Trump presidency we need to start infiltrating their conversations in order to sow more divison [sic]. I’m talking systematic and long-term /mischief/, not just a hew minutes trolling dumbass SJW’s. Look at the chaos and damage I was able to make yesterday, just one person, with no real rudeness in my replies. Imagine that writ large: My account is @realJohnMilIer.”

On Twitter, “Miller” writes, “Hey @RogerJStoneJr what do you think of this trick I tried to pull?”

The 4Chan user suggested the following:

‘1.If hundreds of accounts on the Hillary or Bernie/Stein side were saying even worse things it’d make the divisions deeper. 2.If we got people to agree with us the opposing sides would blast each other as dangerous extremists but each would defend horrible tweets. 3. Even if a few or a lot of us were caught, it would increase distrust tremendously among ANYONE on the opposing side.’

He or she then suggested Twitter hashtags to use in order to create more division, such as #BloodOnHillarysHands, #HillaryKillsChildren, and #HillarysVictims.

4chan users weighed in with their own ideas in order to get Bernie Sanders to run on a third-party ticket against Clinton, a tactic they feel would aid in defeating them both.

The users wanted to create ‘distrust’ even if they were caught.


It was a pretty elaborate scheme and Raw Story has more images posted, but here’s another example.


Some may say, sure that’s just 4Chan, but Reddit users picked up the story, displaying the same sort of thing happening on the behemoth social site.

Reddit user r2002 writes, “They’re doing it on Reddit too. Proof,” and links to images of that very same behavior.



The above images were posted on a pro-Hillary thread.

Social media is a big deal. The Obama campaign used their savvy ability to navigate the different popular sites in order to promote his reelection. That tactic helps to reach out to younger voters as well. For example, in 2012, Obama did an ‘AMA’, which stands for Ask Me Anything, on Reddit. President Obama’s presence literally broke Reddit shortly after his post was published. The site was back up later, but only after a handful of questions were answered.

Social media is a strong factor in politics now, and with it the divide between Clinton and Sanders supporters is thickening.

Featured image: Jernvotten via Flickr, allowable under Creative Commons license.

Images in post: 4Chan.