JUST IN: Donald Trump Took $150,000 In Federal Relief Aid Meant For Victims Of 9/11 Attack


In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the federal government granted money to small business owners whose businesses were affected by the devastation of the fallen skyscrapers. The money granted by the government was meant to help make repairs to buildings that were damaged in the terrorist attack.

Many buildings were damaged by falling debris, and some buildings were completely destroyed by the devastating events of that somber morning. Congress, in an effort to save the small businesses, passed a measure that reserved hundreds of millions of dollars to help those business owners get back on their feet.

The small business owners, however, ended up getting the short end of the stick when large corporations put their hats in the melting pot, and were awarded millions of dollars, despite the fact that their business was nowhere near the site of the attack.

Donald Trump’s building at 40 Wall Street is located a mile from ground zero, yet Donald Trump joined in with fellow bigwigs to take that money from the mouths of business owners, some of whom had to close shop completely after the attack. Trump granted the money after he was able to prove that the business located at 40 Wall Street only had $26 in its bank account.

How exactly Trump’s financially failing business qualified for a $150,000 grant from Empire State Development Corporation, money meant for buildings that were structurally damaged during the attack, is beyond most people with functioning brains, but that is exactly what he did. The federal government is responsible for allowing the large corporations to take advantage of the funds set up for Americans who actually needed it.

The real clincher, is the fact that the business located at 40 Wall Street brings in an annual revenue of $8 million, which clearly disqualifies if from being considered a small business. Also, even if there were structural damages to the building, Donald Trump could have easily afforded to fix it himself. Trump, however, decided to take advantage of the federal government’s generosity.

Regardless of how exactly The Donald was granted the funds, taking money from the people who were actually affected by the falling of the World Trade Center is beyond appalling, it’s unforgivable. For all the small business owners whose livelihood would have been lost had they not received the grant, this money was needed more than Donald Trump will ever know.