Trump Just Tried To ‘Court’ The Muslim Vote, And It Was A Miserable Failure


Guess what? The Donald Trump campaign is “courting the Muslim vote.” For what, you may ask? No, not for plane rides out of the United States to bring the nation in step with his Islamophobia, that’s for sure. No, the Trump steamroller is courting Muslims for votes, calling them, in the words of a spokesperson, “a small but increasingly important voting bloc.”

The language used there shows you just what is so very wrong with Donald Trump. Did his spokesperson mention that Trump wanted to show that he cared for issues important to Muslims? Nope. The off color racist just wants their votes.

The spokesperson, Walid Phares, whom The Hill calls “a top national security adviser for Trump,” said:

‘Most of those who reached out said they want to support Mr. Trump, but they’re not clear about some of the statements he’s made. These people know what they want – they’re concerned about the well-being of their communities and believe that Trump has the right economic and social agenda. But they’re trying to get a handle on how he’ll deal with the Middle East.’

Now, if one knows presumptive Republican nominee Trump, one knows that he has made his “displeasure,” also known as violent racism, towards the Muslim communities of the world, clear. Back at the end of last year, in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris that killed approximately 150 people, Trump suggested a “total and complete ban” on Muslims entering the United States. That was, as mentioned, right in step with his stated goal to deport 11 million or more undocumented immigrants, and reeks of the kind of society that produced the Holocaust and World War II.

Apparently, this rule would allow those Muslims already residing in the United States to stay. But, just like families of every single other nationality, American Muslim families have members abroad. Therefore, Trump’s rule would separate families, just like his policies of deporting millions of undocumented Mexican immigrants and building a wall across the entire US/Mexico border.

Trump had a recent public dispute with the newly elected mayor of London over this issue. The new mayor, who replaced the rabidly right wing Boris Johnson, Sadiq Khan, is the first Muslim mayor of the city, and took office on May 9, 2016. He noted that he would be unable to come to the United States should Trump be elected, while Trump retorted that Khan could be an “exception.” Khan refused the offer, and said the bigger issue was with the impact on the rest of the world’s Muslims.

Trump thinks in terms of real estate and self-furtherance, which is why he is concerned with walls and votes instead of people. According to most available projections, such a stance has made him the definitive underdog going into the general election in November, no matter which Democratic candidate he goes up against. Models such as the one produced by both Real Clear Politics and Moody’s Analytics Firm continue to give Trump basically close to zero chance of winning the presidency.

The one area that does show promise is his slowly but steadily increasing numbers in general election match up polls pitting him against Hillary Clinton. On Sunday afternoon, he edged out Clinton in the Real Clear Politics general election polling average for the first time ever.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, available under a Creative Commons License.