WATCH: Donald Trump Says Guns Don’t Belong In Schools, But Teachers Should Be Armed (VIDEO)


On the Sunday edition of “Fox & Friends,” Donald Trump was asked to respond to Hillary Clinton’s accusation that he’s pandering to the NRA when it comes to his stance on guns in schools. True to form, the presumptive GOP nominee doubled down on his claim, making an already ridiculous stance look just plain idiotic.

Clinton’s criticism came while she was speaking at the Trayvon Martin Foundation’s Circle of Mothers dinner yesterday. While delivering the keynote speech, she accused Trump of pandering to the gun lobby:

‘Unlike Donald Trump, I will not pander to the gun lobby. We will not be silenced and we will not be intimidated.’

Clinton said that Trump’s policy on guns in the classroom simply doesn’t make logical sense:

‘Parents, teachers, and schools should have the right to keep guns out of classrooms, just like Donald Trump does at many of his hotels, by the way. This is someone running to be president of the United States of America, a country facing a gun violence epidemic, and he’s talking about more guns in our schools.’

When asked about Clinton’s comments, Trump’s response came out so garbled that it bordered on nonsense:

‘They’re just words. And she talked about guns in classrooms. I don’t want to have guns in classrooms. Although in some cases, teachers should have guns in classrooms, frankly. Because teachers are — things that are going on in our schools are unbelievable.’

Trump went on to contradict himself by saying that although he doesn’t advocate for having more guns in schools, he would still actually like to put more guns in schools:

‘But I’m not advocating guns in classrooms. But remember, in some cases — a lot of people have made this case — teachers should be able to have guns. Trained teachers should be able to have guns in classrooms.’

And then just to make sure his audience knows he’s not pandering to the gun lobby, Trump explained how the gun lobby loved everything he said:

‘I went to make a speech to the NRA. They were giving standing ovations for every other sentence. In some cases, they don’t even endorse. Probably the most powerful endorsement in all of politics. I was honored by it.’

Will any of this come close to affecting Trump’s support? Probably not, but it should because these are clearly the words of someone who doesn’t quite grasp the devastating impact such policies would have. Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News.

Featured Image via YouTube screengrab.