WATCH: SNL Finale Brings Sanders And Clinton Together In A Sketch You Have To See To Believe (VIDEO)


Tensions have begun to heighten between the Democratic presidential candidates following the Nevada convention last weekend, along with Sanders’ supporters claiming that party leadership biasedly favors Hillary Clinton.

So surely it’s no surprise that Saturday Night Live took it upon themselves to reenact some of the drama between Sanders and Clinton. The show’s season finale was far from a disappointment, welcoming Larry David to the stage as Bernie Sanders alongside Kate McKinnon as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As the presidential primaries come to an end, the hilarious duo reminisced as they sat at a bar casually sipping beers. McKinnon’s Clinton character began, sitting alone in an empty bar:

‘Well, bartender, I’ve done it! I’ve won the nomination! I mean, no I haven’t – I keep losing states – but mathematically, I’ve done it! To math!’

Clinton (McKinnon) then announced that she was heading home for the night, to which the bartender (Kenan Thompson) replied that he was closing up the bar and in fact everyone must go. The bartender then told Sanders (David) he had to leave, too. Sanders (David) shouted to the bartender:

‘No freaking way! I’m not going anywhere! I can stay here as long as I want! No! It’s not over! It’s not over till it’s over!’

Sanders (David) then joined Clinton (McKinnon) at the bar for a drink, where the pair bantered back and forth, sending playful digs each other’s way.

Hillary Clinton (McKinnon) noted that she had “started pivoting towards the general election” against Donald Trump, to which a pissed off Sanders replied:

‘Eh, I’ve got to say, I’ve, uh, I’ve noticed the pivot! Not a fan of the pivot. Way too early for the pivot.’

Then the pair settled on one thing they agree on: how rigged the primaries are. Clinton (McKinnon) exclaimed to Sanders (David):

‘Remember all those states like Wyoming where you beat me by a lot and I got most of the delegates?!’

Sanders (David) shouted back,

‘It’s rigged!’

Clinton (McKinnon) agreed with the Senator from Vermont, and admitted,

‘It’s so rigged!’

The pair ended the segment by dancing their way through the Saturday Night Live crowd, in what will surely be an episode to remember.

Watch the sketch below, via Saturday Night Live/YouTube:

Feature Image is a screengrab via YouTube.