Trump SLAMS Bill Clinton: ‘People Would Have Been More Forgiving If He’d Had An Affair With A Really Beautiful Woman’


In light of the New York Times calling Trump out on his vile treatment of women, The Donald has taken every opportunity to shift the public’s attention away from his misogynistic behavior and onto his likely opponent.

But it seems Trump may be a little confused about whom he’s actually running against in the general election. The businessman called out Bill Clinton last week in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, accusing the former president of rape.

Hannity pressed Trump:

‘Are they going to interview Juanita Broaddrick? Are they going to interview Paula Jones? Are they going to interview Kathleen Willey? In one case, it’s about exposure. In another case, it’s about groping and fondling and touching against a woman’s will.’

Trump responded with a smoking-gun that sent the media into a frenzy: an outright accusation that former President Bill Clinton had raped women.

‘And rape. And big settlements, massive settlements… and lots of other things… And impeachment for lying, and losing your law license. You know, he lost his law license, OK? He couldn’t practice law. And you don’t read about this on Clinton.’

Earlier this month while speaking at a rally in Washington, Trump told supporters Hillary is “married to a man who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. She’s married to a man who hurt many women.”

This came before the Trump campaign released an emotional ad on Instagram that speaks to Bill Clinton’s past, playing on the allegation that he sexually assaulted women. The video had this caption underneath:

‘Is Hillary really protecting women?’

trumpinstagram Trump SLAMS Bill Clinton: 'People Would Have Been More Forgiving If He'd Had An Affair With A Really Beautiful Woman' Donald Trump Top Stories
Image is a screengrab via Instagram.

The video includes voices of Juanita Broaddrick who came forth with allegations that Clinton raped her in 1978, Kathleen Willey who also claims she was raped by the former president during her tenure as a White House volunteer in 1993, and last but not least, Monica Lewinsky, the infamous former White House intern who publically admitted to having a sexual relationship in 1995 while Clinton was president.

Suddenly Trump thinks of himself as the protector of women’s rights, attacking Hillary Clinton in the one area she naturally has more clout.

But Fusion brilliantly pointed out that back in 1999, Trump seemingly couldn’t care less about Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual predation, telling the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd the following:

‘He handled the Monica situation disgracefully. It’s sad because he would go down as a great President if he had not had this scandal. People would have been more forgiving if he’d had an affair with a really beautiful woman of sophistication. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe were on a different level. Now Clinton can’t get into golf clubs in Westchester. A former President begging to get in a golf club. It’s unthinkable.’

In the same interview, Trump theorized about his chances of being successful should he run for president:

‘To be blunt, people would vote for me. Maybe because I’m so good looking. I don’t know. Larry King calls and says, ‘Do my show. I get my highest ratings when you’re on.”

But even back then the presumptive Republican presidential nominee knew he wouldn’t be well-liked among female voters:

‘They know me better than anybody else. Women are much tougher and more calculating than men. I relate better to women. I go out with the most beautiful women in the world. Certain guys tell me they want women of substance, not beautiful models. It just means they can’t get beautiful models.’

Although we may hate to admit that he’s right, he definitely is about one thing: Women don’t like The Donald. CNN/ORC found that 73 percent of female voters had a negative opinion of the business mogul, with just 26 percent viewing him positively.

Trump’s attacks on the Clintons are an obvious deflection from the real issue at hand: him being a misogynistic assh*le. Hillary Clinton is not Bill Clinton, and for Trump to somehow suggest that she is unfit to serve as president because of her husband’s past is completely and utterly absurd.

Watch Trump’s comments to Hannity regarding Bill Clinton below, via YouTube:

Image via Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.