Chuck Todd Rips Donald Trump To Shreds Over His ‘Blatant ‘Hypocrisy’


Donald Trump, having taken out all his fellow Republican candidates, is now turning on Hillary Clinton, attacking her and husband Bill Clinton left and right. On the May 25 episode of NBC’s “Today,” Chuck Todd slammed Donald Trump for the hypocrisy embedded in his attacks on the Clintons, calling him a “walking contradiction.”

Before delving straight into the contradictory nature of Trump’s comments, Todd responded to Savannah Guthrie’s question, “Are we starting to see the contours of a general election battle where Hillary Clinton focuses on what she considers the shady part of Donald Trump’s business past, and he focuses on what he considers the shady part of the Clintons’ past?”

Todd deliver a spot on reply, comparing the two respective party frontrunners to the New York Times and the New York Post:

‘Yes, I think so, but it’s also two different ways of going about it, right? Donald Trump is — I’m sort of comparing it, it’s the New York Post cover versus The New York Times cover. You know what you never hold up? The New York Times cover. It may have more substantive hits. It may have a whole train that they’re going to do, a whole series of events, that they’re going to make this long case that Donald Trump is a phony, he’s not who he says he is. But no one day is going to feel like a bang. Trump is all New York Post. And every day it’s going to be the bang, the big headline. It may not have a point to it in three months, there may not be A, to B, to C, for Trump’s strategy, but it will shake things up every single day, and he may actually win each news cycle.’

Matt Lauer then followed up Todd’s comparison by pointing out the contradictions and asking how Trump can “defend against two decades of praising the Clintons?”

Todd’s simple response to Lauer’s question was that he honestly doesn’t know. He then went on to question why more people aren’t calling him out on this. Todd followed up his admitted confusion by making the truth about Trump clear to viewers:

‘He has contradicted every single attack he’s made on the Clintons. You can find sound to contradict it. It doesn’t touch him.’

At this point Guthrie jumped back in, pointing out the irony in the fact that people don’t seem to care about Trump’s contradictory-to-the-core nature: “Isn’t it ironic though that the textbook way to go after a politician is on contradictions, and people like Donald Trump because he’s not a politician. And yet, like you just said…There’s all these contradictions, and honestly, it looks like a lot of people don’t care.”

The segment ended with Todd encouraging Clinton to fight back against Trump’s attacks and start painting  him as the politician he pretends not to be.

‘I think he’s counting on this, that the Clintons don’t want to engage him on this. So he thinks he’s got free rein to do it.

If [Hillary Clinton] can make the case that, you know what, he’s just like every other politician. That is the most dangerous description you can have if you’re Donald Trump — it just hasn’t taken hold.’

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters For America.

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