OOPS! Trump Advisor Accidentally Sends This Damning Email To The Wrong Person


An email accidentally received by Marc Caputo, a reporter for Politico, reveals that the GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump is planning on targeting Hillary Clinton for her and her husband’s role in the Whitewater real-estate scandal.

According to Politico, the email was obtained after a Trump campaign spokeswoman responded to a message by campaign advisor Michael Caputo, after she was copied onto an email request to a researcher in the Republican National Committee to gather information pertaining to the decades-old controversy. The spokeswoman unfortunately ended up accidentally emailing the politico reporter instead of the Trump campaign adviser, who bears the same last name but is unrelated.

Politico quickly published their findings, stating that the researcher was asked to “work up information on HRC/Whitewater as soon as possible.” The request indicated “this is for immediate use and for the afternoon talking points process.” Politico wrote the following on the response they received from the RNC shortly after they got hold of the email:

‘RNC chief strategist Sean Spicer issued a statement praising his committee’s research team as “the best in the business,” but neither he nor Hicks responded to questions about how or when the Trump campaign intended to invoke Whitewater, or whether they thought that spotlighting the matter might open Trump to more scrutiny of his own mixed record in real estate.’

The Whitewater controversy dates back to real estate investments and a failed business venture made by the Clinton’s in the late 70s under the Whitewater Development Company, when they were trying to supplement their incomes in the midst of their burgeoning political careers. Bill at the time was serving as Arkansas’s Attorney General, and Hillary was an associate at the Rose Law Firm. At first, it honestly comes across as nothing more than a boring development project on a lovely piece of “property” in the Ozark mountains.

As the story developed, however, it basically devolved into an almost incomprehensible drama that ignited a partisan debacle after Bill was elected president in 1992. The justice department and congress began to investigate details of the Whitewater deal after his inauguration, including allegations that he used his influence as an Arkansas governor to loan $300,000 to his business partner in the mid-80s. Some of Clinton’s associates were convicted for their roles in the matter, but overall the exhaustive amount of investigation ended up leading to no criminal prosecution of either Clinton.

At one point in the drama, a former Clinton White House council, Vincent Foster, who was put in charge of filing overdue tax returns for Whitewater, was found dead in what officials ruled a suicide. Some conservative conspiracy theorists allege that Foster was killed in an apparent cover-up. Knowing Trump, it is clear that he will attempt to mine these theories in whatever capacity he can to hurt Clinton if she is to win the Democratic nomination. Politico notes that he “signaled” an interest in the conspiracy in a recent interview.

Trump stated:

‘It’s the one thing with her, whether it’s Whitewater or whether it’s Vince or whether it’s Benghazi. It’s always a mess with Hillary.’

Trump of course is no stranger to controversy himself regarding his business ventures. It is perhaps this aura of scandal surrounding both party front-runners that has led to them being two of the most historically unpopular presidential candidates the country may have ever run.

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