SICK: Idaho Father Forces His Daughter to Marry Her Rapist (VIDEO)


According to Fox31,  man from Idaho has been ordered to spend 120 days in jail for taking his 14-year-old daughter out of state in order to force her to marry her rapist. The father, Keith Strawn, was convicted of felony injury to a child.

Strawn was then sentenced to 120 days in jail at the order of Judge Greg Moeller. Strawn will serve 60 days in jail and then be eligible for probation for the other half of the sentence. Moller told Strawn, “While you spend 120 days in jail, perhaps you will think about the 120 days your daughter was in a vile farce of a marriage to a rapist.”

The victim’s father has admitted that the marriage was religiously motivated and based on his belief that “If you get them pregnant then you marry them.” The pregnancy was later lost due to miscarriage. Court records show that Strawn ‘harbored and protected’ his daughter’s rapist, Aaron Seaton, by allowing the man to live with his daughter. Seaton, who has admitted to the rape, was 24 in August of last year when he raped Strawn’s then-14-year-old daughter.

Strawn’s attorney, Douglas Knutson, argued for a lesser sentence claiming his client’s actions were religiously motivated and claimed that his client repeatedly asked his daughter if she wanted to go through with the wedding. Strawn himself has admitted his actions and said that they were a mistake “I love my daughter very much and I would never do anything to intentionally harm her or put her in harm’s way. I made the wrong decision, and I made that decision in duress.” He was originally charged with two counts of felony injury to child and one count of accessory to rape, but two of the charges were dismissed as part of a plea bargain.

The sentence of 120 days was actually more than what the prosecution originally recommend. The prosecution argued that Strawn be sentenced to a fixed sentence of one year and two years indeterminate along with a $3,000 fine. As for Seaton, he has been sentenced to serve 15 years in prison.

Fox13’s report can be seen here:

Image courtesy of Fox31