Washington Post: ‘Hillary’s Email Problems Just Got Much Worse’ (VIDEO)


In the words of the Washington Post, Hillary Clinton’s email problems just got much worse. A report was released today from the Inspector General of the State Department which asserts that Clinton broke regulation in her handling of “federal records” through her private email server.

The report was delivered to Congress this afternoon, and doesn’t only cover Clinton. It highlights long standing issues with the facts that similar circumstances to those implicating Clinton are found in the terms of multiple past Secretaries of State.

ABC reports that:

‘The report comes in response to questions from top Democrats on the House and Senate committees of jurisdiction about the email practices of the current and past four secretaries of state and their immediate staffs. [T]he report says that [Clinton] should have preserved federal records she created and received on her personal account and that sending emails from the personal account to other employees at the department was ‘not an appropriate method of preserving’ federal records.¬†Clinton and her aides denied requests to be interviewed.’

Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon was quick to issue a rebuttal of sorts:

‘While political opponents of Hillary Clinton are sure to misrepresent this report for their own partisan purposes, in reality, the Inspector General documents just how consistent her email practices were with those of other…senior officials at the State Department who also used personal email.’

No matter which Democrat one supports for president, that explanation is at least a little off. The report states the fact that Clinton did something wrong, but it’s okay because everyone did it? Thankfully, he continues, and it doesn’t stay that bad.

‘The report shows that the problems with the State Department’s electronic recordkeeping were longstanding and that there was no precedent of someone in her position having a State Department email account until her successor.’

This revelation only further damages Clinton’s claim of nearly untouchable electability. It comes on the heels of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump surpassing Clinton in the Real Clear Politics average of general election match up polls. Although Trump’s lead is only 0.2 percent, he is only going up for the time being. Trump has been dredging up personal attacks on Clinton of the sort that put his primary opponents out of the race, namely a ruthless and sometimes illogical put down.

Such a situation could, in theory, even hurt Clinton in her race to the nomination. If, in fact, underdog candidate Bernie Sanders pulls off dramatic wins in the Democratic primaries to be held on June 7, including California, then the nomination could be up to the unpledged, or “super” delegates. Under such circumstances, it is up to Sanders to convince the superdelegates why they should support him. General election viability against Donald Trump is a huge factor in such considerations.

Below, you can watch a report from the Washington Post about the State Department accusations against Clinton.


Featured Image is via Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.