WATCH: Dramatic Out Of Control Violence At New Mexico Trump Rally (VIDEO)


A Donald Trump rally in New Mexico last night was overshadowed by violent anti-Trump protests. The Associated Press reports:

‘Protesters carried anti-Trump banners, toppled barricades and threw plastic bottles and burning [Trump] T-shirts at police…[and] Officers responded with smoke grenades and pepper spray.’

Protesters also took over intersections nearby, doing spin outs to create huge clouds of smoke. The violence began after angry demonstrators rushed a barricade, and some inside the venue where Trump was speaking attempted to chant down the candidate.

At one point, the members of the press covering the rally were held under lockdown. NPR’s Sarah McCammon reported:

‘Reporters are being told to stay inside because of protesters outside … There is a broken window. There’s glass that shattered with some metal barriers that have been set up around it. … Lots of police, we’ve seen several riot police on riot horses riding by outside.’

Police officers sustained injuries — which are arguably trivial — and one person was arrested. There was damage to the convention center where the rally was being held, reportedly including from a pellet gun.

Below, you can see the clip of what NBC News correspondent Jacob Rascon called the “moment protesters started attacking police, throwing chairs, rocks, water, and a gate at them.” At least one small item and a metal railing/gate can be seen to be hurled by protesters in the video.

Below you can see some additional dramatic images from the night.

Below, you can watch a special report, via CNN on Twitter, about the protest incident.

NBC reports that “Albuquerque police spokesman Officer Tanner Tixier said in an interview with MSNBC that police showed ‘an amazing amount of restraint.'”

Well, that’s just awful. What does Tixier suggest the police should have done? Does he think it would have been within reason for them to shoot the protesters? The protesters, many of whom in this latest incident appear to be of Spanish descent, are acting according to the seriousness of Trump’s rhetoric.

One unidentified woman told NBC News:

‘The people of Albuquerque specifically do not want Donald Trump in our city. Donald Trump cannot come to our city after calling us rapists. Lies.’

The now presumptive Republican presidential nominee has accused the ranks of Mexican immigrants of harboring rapists and drug dealers, in a wildly racist move.

Trump has put forward racist suggestions such as the above along with policy proposals that are eerily reminiscent of Nazi Germany. In those days, should the people have just blindly submitted? Hitler and the Nazis were protested and fought at nearly every possible turn. In most cases the protests simply came too late.

Should we wait in America until it’s too late? Donald Trump is now 0.2 percent ahead of Hillary Clinton in the Real Clear Politics polling average for such a general election match up. And his numbers continue to rise.

Below, you can watch a special report from NBC on the violence.


Featured Image is via Screenshot from the above segment.