WATCH: Ice Cream Shop Owner Heroically Defends Two Women Under Attack For Being Muslim (VIDEO)


Two Muslim American women were verbally assaulted at a California ice cream shop on Monday. However, dramatically turning around the situation, the ice cream shop owner would have none of it and kicked the man out of the place.

The issue started when the man was arguing with the cashier, which was followed by him storming out. Apparently, the issue was that they could not provide him a phone charger, and he blamed the two women, at one point saying, “You refused to serve me because you were serving them.” Yes, really.

However, he wasn’t gone long. He quickly came back in and angrily confronted the two women, Malaak Ammari and Nura Takkish, who were simply sitting and eating ice cream. Both women were identifiable as Muslim because of their hijabs, the head scarves worn by some Muslim women.

This man, who remains unnamed, screamed at the women that he “didn’t want them in [his] country.” Well, as mentioned, the shop owner no longer wanted the man in her ice cream shop, and, after escorting him out, called the police when he still wouldn’t leave.

Cynthia Ramsay, who has run the shop for 3 years, and is also an elementary school teacher, said:

 ‘Everybody should be loved and accepted. Everybody should be welcome here. This is a community hangout. I teach my children the same values that we use in the ice cream shop. Talk nice. Use nice words. It makes everybody’s lives better.’

Ammari had this to say about the incident, via Buzzfeed:

‘He was pointing at our table and telling the employees, ‘You refused to serve me because you were serving them. He assumed we’re not Americans and that he deserved to be treated better. Islamophobia exists. You see these things in the media and think that’ll never happen to me. But it just happened at a local ice cream place in Orange County, [California], which is so multicultural…It was really nice how [staff] treated us. We hugged it out at the end.’

Takkish posted the video of the man’s violence to her Twitter timeline on Monday, and by Wednesday afternoon it had garnered more than 21,000 retweets. She included the oh-so-appropriate caption of “When you just trying to eat your ice cream but [T]rump supporters won’t let you live.”

Indeed, the rise of avowed racist Donald Trump has shone some light on the deeply embedded racism harbored by some parts of American society. In 2014, according to the FBI, there were about 180 hate crimes against Muslims documented. The key word, however, is “documented,” since there were certainly far, far more incidents like the one at the ice cream shop.

Below, you can watch the video, via Takkish’s Twitter account.

And below, you can watch a special report from the local affiliate of ABC about the incident.


Featured Image is via Screenshot from the ABC Video.