BUSTED: Donald Trump’s Top Vice Presidential Pick Under Investigation By FBI (VIDEO)


Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) looks like he might be the perfect fit for Trump’s VP pick, but maybe not for the right reasons. Corker, who is one of the few Trump supporters in the US Senate, met privately with his party’s presumptive nominee on Monday. Trump’s campaign manager even hinted to CBS that Corker was the right guy for the job. There’s only one problem. Corker has in the past failed to properly disclose financial investments he’s made with Chattanooga real estate developer CBL and now the FBI and the SEC are investigating both CBL and Corker’s personal finances. Looks like Corker really is a Trump man after all.

After his meeting with Trump on Monday, Corker was typically tight-lipped about the conversation after he left Trump Tower:

‘I have no reason whatsoever to think that I am being considered for a position like that. This was a meeting between two people who didn’t know each other except over phone calls, getting to know one another.’

Regardless of what’s been decided behind closed doors, it would be bad form for a potential VP to give anything away. But then Trump’s campaign manager went on CBS on Tuesday morning and had this to say about potential vice presidents:

‘I think it’s someone who has federal elective experience so they understand how to make sure that they can get his legislative agenda done.’

That sure sounds like Corker and coming on the heels of their meeting, it also sounds like a fairly big hint. But what if the guy turns out to be a criminal? So far, “The Washington Post” has reported that it’s clear Corker failed to report millions of dollars in income he made through real estate investments last year. Corker, for his part, says this was all in error and that he’s not guilty of any wrongdoing in the matter. It remains to be seen what the probe will reveal but clearly the FBI and SEC think something must be up.

Here’s Corker being interviewed just after the meeting. Watch as he dodges questions about whether or not the two discussed Trump’s proposed Muslim ban.

Featured Image via YouTube screengrab.