WATCH: John McCain Says He ‘Feels The Bern’ – After Working Closely With Bernie Sanders (VIDEO)


In a move that completely shocked Republicans and Democrats alike, John McCain has come out publicly to sing the praises of Senator Bernie Sanders. This is a strange move, to say the least, for a Republican, who would be far better off endorsing Hillary if the goal was simply to ensure Trump doesn’t win the presidency. This move outpour of support was completely unexpected.

McCain was speaking on camera to the Veterans’ Affairs Committee when he made the shocking revelation. Committee chair member Isakson began to praise McCain for his role in the passing of the new VA bill, when McCain couldn’t resist mentioning who else had a hand in making that dream come to fruition, Bernie Sanders. McCain said this:

“I want to thank you, and I would like to mention that the product of that was negotiations of Senator Sanders who was then chairman of the committee, and I would allege that I’m one of the first to feel the Bern.”

The clearly enthusiastic audience laughed as McCain remarked about being one of the first people to “feel the Bern” after working with Senator Sanders on the bill. Even Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT) thought that what McCain said should have ended the committee meeting:

“Mr. Chairman, I hate to follow that remark with anything.”

According to Politico, Sanders and McCain worked together in 2014 to pass a bill for veterans that would greatly change their quality of life. The bill “would allow veterans to see private doctors outside the VA system if they experience long wait times or live more than 40 miles from a VA facility. And it incorporates provisions from legislation introduced in the Senate by Sen. Marco Rubio making it easier to fire VA officials.”

The bill also includes:

“The construction of 26 new VA medical facilities in 18 states and uses $500 million in unobligated VA funds to hire additional VA doctors and nurses.”

According to Politico:

“The agreement struck between Sanders, an independent from Vermont who chairs the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, and McCain, a Republican from Arizona, could salvage VA reform in the Senate. The two senators began negotiations after it looked as though VA reform might become another victim of the chamber’s gridlock with the competing Democratic and Republican bills — which would have been an embarrassing failure for both parties amid the national attention focused on the VA’s troubles.”

Video courtesy of YouTube: