WATCH: Trump Admits To Jimmy Kimmel He Was ‘Full Of SH*t’ When He Backed Hillary (VIDEO)


Donald Trump, who is arguably the king of weird interviews, just gave what is perhaps the weirdest interview of his career. Appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night, the presumptive GOP nominee challenged Bernie Sanders to a debate for charity and claimed to be on his way to a campaign fundraiser attended by “liberals” who want to support his presidential bid. But the oddest moment came when Kimmel asked Trump about his support for Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Kimmel was clearly after Trump with this one. He taunted him a number of times during the interview, even at one point producing┬áthe photo of Trump with his now-infamous taco bowl from Cinco de Mayo. Oddly enough, Trump hardly responded to Kimmel’s prods.

Kimmel even took up the idea that Trump never believed he would get this far in the race:

‘When you started all this, I just have to believe that you thought this will be fun. It’ll be a four-month┬áthing and you never imagined it would go this far. Is that true?’

Surprisingly, Trump took the accusation in stride:

‘Well, you know I’ve been asked that question on occasion and I will say you never know what’s going to happen, and I wanted to do it. We have such potential in the country and I had no idea maybe it would go this quickly. […] And now I am here watching Hillary. It was supposed to be the other way around. And I enjoy watching her.’

Trump delivered all of this calmly, perhaps you might even say presidentially, but at the mention of Clinton, Kimmel pounced:

‘In 2008, I want to get this right, you said you thought Hillary would make an excellent president. And as recently as 2012 you said you thought she was terrific. What did she do? What happened?’

Trump explained, again very calmly, that it was all for the money:

‘When I’m a businessman […] I speak well of everybody. If people ask me about politicians, I speak well. So when they ask me about Hillary, she’s wonderful.’

That’s when Kimmel put the most astonishing question of the night to Trump:

‘So you were full of sh*t when you said that?’

In response Trump said “maybe” over and over, but nodded his head vigorously in agreement. Watch the whole bizarre exchange below courtesy of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Featured Image via YouTube screengrab.