A Dangerous Arson Attack Closes The Doors To A California Planned Parenthood Clinic (VIDEO)


A Planned Parenthood clinic in Central California is temporarily shut down in the aftermath of a suspected arson attack. There have apparently been no arrests made, and no persons of interest have been named.

The fire started at around 3:30 AM early Wednesday morning, and the fire was mostly put out by the building’s sprinklers. Even so, there was significant damage to the building’s equipment, and, in light of that situation, the clinic is now indefinitely closed. For those who now lack the services provided in their immediate vicinity, they are being redirected to the nearest fellow clinic, which is 30 minutes away.

According to┬áLiz Figueroa, a spokesman for the reproductive health organization, there were no specific threats to the clinic in the days before the fire. However, there were “suspicious calls” being phoned into the clinic, and Figeruoa reports the FBI is involved with local authorities in the investigation.

Planned Parenthood clinics have been lately the recipient of several violent attacks. Of course, the attackers all claimed to be “defending the unborn” or some similar grandiosely meaningless idea. They have cited propaganda videos which were released by a right wing activist which are supposedly evidence that the organization “profits” from the remains of the abortion procedure. These videos are ludicrous.

Such a concept of protecting innocent life does not sit pretty with taking actions to harm innocent life, such as the fire that was set in California or the shooting that took place in Colorado. Back in October 2015, there was an arson attack on a California Planned Parenthood clinic, among a slew of actual attacks on innocent life under similar circumstances.

Not only the organization Planned Parenthood, but also women’s health issues in other arenas are under attack, although such struggle there is not physical. Rather, at least 3 states, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Indiana, have recently either considered or passed into law bills which restrict abortions more than that level set down by the Federal government.

Below you can watch a local news report on the California incident, via CBS Sacramento.

Featured Image is via Fibonacci Blue on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.