Donald Trump To Drought-Stricken California: ‘There Is No Drought’ (VIDEO)


Residents in California have been experiencing a drought but that water crisis doesn’t exist, according to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Trump told California voters at a rally in Fresno that state officials are denying water to Central Valley farmers so that they can send it out to sea “to protect a certain kind of three-inch fish,” according to ABC.

Trump said, “There is no drought.”

“We’re going to solve your water problem. You have a water problem that is so insane. It is so ridiculous where they’re taking the water and shoving it out to sea,” Trump said while the crowd cheered.

Trump told the crowd of thousands that he spent 30 minutes before the rally to meet with more than 50 farmers who complained to him about their struggles.

“They don’t understand — nobody understands it,” he said, adding that, “There is no drought.”

Trump continued to say that, “If I win, believe me, we’re going to start opening up the water so that you can have your farmers survive.”

Buzzfeed reports:

Trump was referring to California’s long-running drought, which is now in its fifth straight year and covers 94.5% of the state. Trump did not go into detail on his drought plan but did promise that if elected he would address it.

That’s because Trump never has a plan. He just says words.

After blaming environmentalists for the water crisis, Trump said that he has “received many, many environmental rewards. Really. Rewards and awards.”

“I have done very well environmentally,” he added, “and I’m all for it.”

Meanwhile, Trump referred to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as “Lying Hillary.”

Watch his full speech courtesy of Fox 10 Phoenix:

We’re not sure which is more embarrassing – the GOP candidate or his supporters cheering him on. Donald Trump, the Republican candidate who believes the drought in California is a conspiracy and thinks President Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

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