EXPOSED: Deceased Voters Are Apparently Casting Ballots In This Area Of California (VIDEO)


Los Angeles County officials are furious over the discovery that dead voters have been being recorded as casting ballots “year after year.”

The discovery comes in the midst of an inquiry led by investigative reporter David Goldstein of CBS2, which brought him into intense confrontation with some local officials.

County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl defended the office responsible for the mishaps, saying that officials claim to be removing “1,200 to 2,000 deceased records from the database per month.” That is not exactly comforting, however, and helps point out that the problem of irregularities in the electoral system are widespread and can have potentially election-altering effects. Plenty of times important elections can come down to margins much smaller than said number of deceased voters who are still on the rolls.

Goldstein combed through voting registration records, which are public record, comparing them to Social Security death records, which are also public. At least 215 voters were found who, based on what could be ascertained, are dead but still active voters.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich introduced on Tuesday a measure in the Los Angeles County board which gives election officials a deadline of 30 days to explain themselves.

Mark Vafiades, the chairman of the Los Angeles County Republican Party, had this to say:

‘There have been voter irregularities in many states. Donald Trump is very concerned that this may be a very close election, and he’s trying to shed light on this not only nationwide, but as you did here in California, shed light on the fact that there are a lot of voter irregularities that may be going on.’

Indeed, Trump’s concern is a new part of the issue. Voting irregularities and accusations of the same have plagued the Democratic primary like a deadly disease. Supporters of underdog presidential candidate US Senator Bernie Sanders have alleged that intentional voter suppression has gone on in favor of the Democratic establishment’s favored candidate Hillary Clinton.

Such claims have helped to bolster Sanders supporters’ assertions that he can still prevail over Clinton. He languishes just behind her in the election results, by a margin that some claim is related to conspiratorial fraud. A group of his supporters have filed suit in California to have voting registration deadline extended because of such an issue.

Watch a special report below on the issue, via the Los Angeles CBS affiliate.


Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.