KARMA: Family Seizes Bank Of America’s Assets After The Bank Illegally Foreclosed On Their Home


It’s no secret that millions of Americans have suffered in recent years, losing their homes to big banks, while the scum of the Earth on Wall Street gambled away their futures and basically held our economy hostage while the middle class bailed them out.

In dark times it’s supremely gratifying to find a story about how American homeowners, retired police officer Warren Nyerges and his wife, Maureen Nyerges, fought back against the oft times fraudulent and capitalistic big bank machine that so many have suffered under – and won! In 2011 Bank of American tried to foreclose on the couple’s Naples, Florida home, which they had bought outright, in cash.

Attorney, Todd Allen, was able to easily prove their case in court and even go beyond getting the bank to back off. Bank of America was obligated to pay the family’s legal fees, however, they refused to do so despite multiple requests from the long-suffering home owners. In an act of justice that was downright brilliant, they fought back by enlisting local law enforcement to help them foreclose on the bank itself.

When sheriff’s deputies arrived at the Collier County, Florida Bank of America branch they proceeded to take back what was owed. From desks and office supplies to computers and even cash from the drawers, $5,772.88 was eventually recovered for the couple, covering the entire cost of the legal fees it took to prove that they had in fact paid for their home and did not owe on the mortgage.

Watch it the story here:

This is not a new story, having happened in 2011, but it is an excellent reminder of the ways in which corporate America treats the majority of it’s citizens, the other 98%. If they have attempted to seize the home of citizens who have already paid off their house what would keep them from unjustly claiming wrong doing on the part of those who are still paying their mortgages? The blatant thievery and predatory capitalism of the ultra wealthy is a true and present threat to average American citizens, which makes our choices in this upcoming election season more important than ever.

Featured Image is a screengrab from the video.