KKK Officially Using ‘Transgender Bathroom Bill’ As Recruiting Tool


Well, if anyone ever had a desire to join the Ku Klux Klan [KKK], the North Carolina Loyal White Knights of the KKK are advertising for new members. Flyers, which included the “transgender bathroom bill” as a marketing tool, were hand-delivered under the “veil of darkness,” which is disturbing, especially for people with troubled memories of the Klan.

When Rita Wilhelm went out to her front yard Wednesday morning, she found a KKK application facing her, according to ABC11 news:

‘It was laying in the yard — rolled up like a scroll. I was just sad. It made me angry because I thought we had got past all this. I walked all up and down my street and around the block picking them up.’

The Loyal White Knights are big supporters of the “House Bill 2” or the “Transgender Bathroom Bill.” HB2 is a state law that is supposed to block a Charlotte city non-discrimination ordinance.

Part of that ordinance made it legal for transgender people to use bathrooms and locker rooms based upon the gender they identify with rather than the gender on their birth certificate in schools, universities and government buildings.

HB2 excludes LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender] people from the protection of anti-discrimination laws. It also prevents cities from adopting their own anti-discrimination and living wage rules.

Wilhelm is concerned that her grandson will be impacted by the hatred and prejudice that the KKK uses to breed racial tension and segregation. She said HB2 is a recruiting tool of the KKK:

‘He’s 8 years old. He’s biracial. I don’t want him to have to grow up in a world with hate and violence and racism.’

Wayne Felker, who is the great Titan of the Loyal White Knights in Roxboro tried to reassure people:

‘People have nothing to be scared of. We are doing the same thing the NAACP and Black Panthers and everybody else is doing. We’re standing up for our race and we have that right.’

The mayor of Roxboro, Merilyn Newell responded to the fliers and application with a statement:

‘The City of Roxboro will not tolerate any actions against citizens by groups who have a mission of racial, sexual, religious or any other kind of intimidation. While these types of groups have First Amendment protections for their recruitment or message, we stand by our city’s mission to be a safe and fair place for all who choose to live here.’

David Hess, Roxboro Police Chief, released this statement:

‘We have good people living in Roxboro and Person County who have the right to protection from fear and intimidation. We will protect that right and with the help of our good people and we will send a unified message that love is more powerful than hate.

‘Investigators are working leads to determine who is spreading these deplorable messages of hate and intimidation.’

Anyone with information that leads to charges could receive a reward. They should contact the Roxboro Police Department at 336.599.8345.

The KKK group is planning a rally in Roxboro in September.

Featured Image: Michael Casim via Flickr, Creative Commons License.

H/T: ABC11.