Mitch McConnell Just Promised To Obstruct Any Risky Business At The Hands Of President Trump (VIDEO)


A lot of Conservatives are nervous about Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) certainly doesn’t seem too confident about the prospect of a Trump presidency, either.

McConnell told Wolf Blitzer on CBS that Donald Trump’s Oval Office would have safeguards against risky behavior, according to The Hill.

“Well, one thing I’m pretty calm about is that this is nowhere near the most divisive period in American history,” he said during a preview of the upcoming CBS interview. “But what protects us in this country against big mistakes being made is the structure, the Constitution, the institutions.”

“No matter how unusual a personality may be who gets elected to office, there are constraints in this country. You don’t get to do anything you want to,” McConnell continued.

That’s an odd choice of words if you’re in full support of a candidate, don’t you think? It’s like saying, ‘Our candidate sucks but we won’t let him destroy everything.’

McConnell also dismissed critics who say Trump’s blunt, acidic rhetoric is dividing voters, which is a good point considering the “Never Trump” Conservative movement.

“I’m very optimistic about America,” McConnell said. “I’m not depressed about the nature of the debate.”

McConnell went on to say that he believes Trump can win the presidency this November and added that he plans on supporting the hotel magnate.

Watch courtesy of CBS:

Trump has secured the number of delegates needed to become the GOP’s presidential nominee. Trump is now the face of the GOP. They built that. This time, McConnell can’t possibly blame Obama.

The Hill reports:

‘Multiple news organizations put the mogul at 1,238 delegates, one past the threshold necessary for becoming the Republican standard-bearer.’

As Jason Easley of PoliticusUSA puts it, “Sen. Mitch McConnell’s plan for reassuring voters about Donald Trump is to promise to obstruct the crazier things that Trump wants to do if he wins the White House.”

McConnell does know a lot about obstruction though. One only has to look at Obama’s nearly two terms in office for confirmation of that.

And really, we can’t take McConnell’s word at obstructing Trump’s risky moves. After all, he did promise to make Obama a one-term president and he failed. Thankfully.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.