Rubio Endorses Trump After Comparing Him To Kim Jong-Un & Dissing His Penis Size


Remember that time Marco Rubio held a rally where the implied Donald Trump had a small penis? Well if you don’t, please feel free to enjoy this reminder of how utterly absurd the Republican primaries were.

In addition to his schoolyard insults, Rubio went on to call Trump a conman and claimed he was a danger to the country.

‘If this pattern continues the conservative movement in the Republican Party will be taken over by a con artist portraying himself as the fighter of the ordinary person fighting for the working man. But he spent years sticking it to the working people.’

Now that the primaries are over, Rubio is singing a different tune and has even endorsed Trump on Twitter, where he posted the following tweet: “In Florida only 2 legitimate candidates on ballot in Nov. I wont vote for Clinton & I after years of asking people to vote I wont abstain.” These sorts of things are fairly common in primaries, so seeing Rubio fall in in line behind Trump isn’t all that surprising. The truly interesting thing about this tweet is just how cowardly it is.

If we had gone all in and fully supported Trump as his party’s nominee and pledged to work with him to build the best campaign possible then at least it would have felt like a real effort to rally behind his party’s leadership. On the other hand, if he had stated that he couldn’t support Trump and would be sitting this election out then it would have been a brave statement of principle. Instead, he took this middle-ground where he tried to both appease Trump and his supporters while washing his hands of the whole affair.  This whole endorsement reeks of political calculation and cowardice.

Another problem with this endorsement, and it’s something Rubio is getting attacked on via Twitter, is the fact that he is now voting for a man that he once said was unfit to be President of the United States. Speaking of Twitter, check out this tweet from February of this year: “There’s a lunatic in NKorea w/nuclear weapons and…lunatic trying to get hold of nuclear weapons in America” The fact that Rubio is willing to endorse a man he once compared to Kim Jong-un  proves that he is either a liar or is willing to put politics ahead of the country and the world.

Featured Image via Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.