WATCH: Check Out The New Hate Group In Texas That Is Targeting Muslims In America (VIDEO)


According to a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the number of hate groups within the United States rose by 14% last year. One of the most common targets for such groups are Muslims, whom a lot of these groups consider to be terrorists or at least terrorist sympathizers. AJ+, a branch of the Aljazeera America, recently posted a video to their Twitter feed where they interviewed members of one of these groups in Texas.

Members of this and similar groups believe that Muslims are going to begin a wholesale slaughter of people and seem to make no distinction between the vast majority of American Muslims who are peaceful, law-abiding citizens, and a fringe minority that are committed to terrorism and extremism. This irrational fear of Muslims completely ignores the fact that the majority of mass shootings within the United States, 64% since 1982, have been committed by white males, few of which, if any, had an affiliation with Islam.

Speaking of the issue of race, the man in the video says “don’t f*ck with white people” and “We’re not going to take these threats and actions…by domestic terrorists…who threaten to kill white people, white babies and cops.” The speaker seems to be ignoring the fact that Islam is a religion which does, in fact, include white people. Rather he seems to be using “Muslim” as code for people of African or Arabic descent. At one point he even singles out the Nation of Islam and the Black Panther movement as potential threats. He seems to be unaware of the fact that the Nation of Islam is considered a heretical group by mainstream Muslims and that the original Black Panther party was a Marxist-Maoist movement that didn’t identify with Islam.

Another bit of chilling absurdity to come out of this video is the part where the interviewee mentions that a lot of the members of his group are using bullets coated in pig’s blood and bacon grease because, according to him, Muslims believe they will go “straight to hell” if shot with one of those bullets.  We wonder if the person being interviewed realizes that he’s admitting that he agrees with Islam, otherwise why would he use bacon-grease-bullets?

Here’s AJ+’s video, via Twitter:

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.